#define kA3DMarkupExtraDataType   0x03E00000
#define kA3DMarkupIntegerMask   0x000FFFFF
#define kA3DMarkupIsExtraData   0x04000000
#define kA3DMarkupIsMatrix   0x08000000

Detailed Description

Sample Use
/* to test if a code read in a markup's tessellation denotes a matrix mode */
if ((code & kA3DMarkupIsMatrix) != 0) /* then it's a matrix mode (begin or end) */
/* to retrieve the number of inner-codes of an entity */
number = code & kA3DMarkupIntegerMask;

To encode color type entities and the following masks that apply to your color type:

00000100-00000000-00000000-00000000 kA3DMarkupIsExtraData
00000001-01100000-00000000-00000000 kA3DMarkupColorMask
00000000-00000000-00000000-00000001 Number of additional codes = 1

Here is an example of a code corresponding to a color:

00000101-01100000-00000000-00000001 (In decimal form, this value is 90177537.)

And with no associated doubles, the three codes for a color type are:
uiCode[n] = 90177537;
uiCode[n+1] = 0; no doubles
uiCode[n+2] = id_of_color;

For encoding/decoding extra data types, use macros defined in Extra data types for A3DTessMarkupData tessellation.

See also
Tessellation for Markups

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ kA3DMarkupIsMatrix

#define kA3DMarkupIsMatrix   0x08000000

Bit to denote whether the current entity is a matrix.

◆ kA3DMarkupIsExtraData

#define kA3DMarkupIsExtraData   0x04000000

Bit to denote whether the current entity is extra data (neither matrix nor polyline).

◆ kA3DMarkupIntegerMask

#define kA3DMarkupIntegerMask   0x000FFFFF

Integer mask to retrieve sizes.

◆ kA3DMarkupExtraDataType

#define kA3DMarkupExtraDataType   0x03E00000

Mask to get the integer type of the entity.