Creates and accesses topological entities. More...


 Topology Body (the topology base entity)
 Sets and gets attributes that apply to all A3DTopoBody entities.
 Topology Context
 Creates and accesses A3DTopoContext entities, which specify topology context and common attributes such as granularity, tolerance, and thickness.

Detailed Description

Creates and accesses topological entities.

This module defines the following types of topological entities:

An A3DTopoContext defines a global tolerance for every topological entity in this context. This global tolerance can then be superseded by less strict local tolerances for particular entities such as edges.


In general, if the local tolerance is lower than the tolerance specified in the associated A3DTopoContext entity, you must use the tolerance from the A3DTopoContext entity.

See also
SingleWireBody, BrepData, Connex, Shell, Face, Loop, CoEdge, Edge,WireEdge