JT Writer

The JT writer allows developers to export the Assembly, B-rep, View data from Publish to JT. The file extensions that you can create when you export the data are:


The assembly structure including coloring and transformations will be exported to the JT file. Instances are currently replaced by object copy. The export is currently to a single monolithic file.


When we export the B-rep it will always be in Parasolid B-rep. If the format was not a Parasolid-based format then all surfaces get mapped to one of the following:

...and curves to one of the following:

If the source data was originally XT then HOOPS Publish will take that data and use it for the B-rep definition.


The tessellation is exported in a lossless, compressed format. Wireframes are not currently exported.


Views are supported by our JT file writer.


All supported PMI is exported to one of the following types.


HOOPS Publish exports JT files as version 8.1 or 9.5.

Export options specific to JT

The following options are supported for JT export:

WriteGeomTessMode 0, 1, or 2 B-rep only, B-rep+Tessellation, or Tessellation only
WriteHiddenObjects true or false


The current limitations include: