A3DPDFAnimMotionData Struct Reference

Structure to define an animation motion. More...

Data Fields

A3DBool m_bRepeat
A3DDouble m_dTimeOffset
A3DInt32 m_iNumKeyFrames
A3DInt32 m_iNumTargets
A3DPDFAnimKeyFrame ** m_ppKeyFrames
A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItem ** m_ppTargets

Detailed Description

Structure to define an animation motion.

This structure is deprecated. Please use A3DPDFAnimMotionData2 instead.

Field Documentation

◆ m_iNumTargets

A3DInt32 A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_iNumTargets

Number of targets.

◆ m_ppTargets

A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItem** A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_ppTargets

Targets of the motion: product occurence, part, markup.

◆ m_iNumKeyFrames

A3DInt32 A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_iNumKeyFrames

Number of keyframes.

◆ m_ppKeyFrames

A3DPDFAnimKeyFrame** A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_ppKeyFrames

Array of keyframes.

◆ m_dTimeOffset

A3DDouble A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_dTimeOffset

Time to start the first keyframe.

◆ m_bRepeat

A3DBool A3DPDFAnimMotionData::m_bRepeat

If true, the motion is repeated infinitely.