Structure to define a check box field. More...

Data Fields

A3DBool m_bHasBorder
A3DBool m_bHasFillColor
A3DBool m_bIsCheckedByDefault
A3DBool m_bIsLocked
A3DBool m_bIsReadOnly
A3DBool m_bIsRequired
A3DPDFEFormField m_eFormField
A3DPDFELineStyleBorder m_eLineStyleBorder
A3DPDFETextOrientation m_eTextOrientation
A3DPDFEThicknessBorder m_eThicknessBorder
A3DInt32 m_iFontSize
A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sBorderColor
A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sFillColor
A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sTextColor

Detailed Description

Structure to define a check box field.


Field Documentation

◆ m_pcName

A3DUTF8Char* A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_pcName

Name of the field (it serves as the field identifier, it should be unique in the document).

◆ m_pcTooltip

A3DUTF8Char* A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_pcTooltip

Displayed text that the hesitant user may find helpful in filling in the form field. Tooltips appear when the pointer hovers briefly over the form field.

◆ m_eFormField

A3DPDFEFormField A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_eFormField

Specifies whether the form field can be seen, either on screen or in print.

◆ m_eTextOrientation

A3DPDFETextOrientation A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_eTextOrientation

Orientation of the text inside the field.

◆ m_bIsReadOnly

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bIsReadOnly

Defines if the field is editable.

◆ m_bIsRequired

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bIsRequired

Defines if the field is required.

◆ m_bIsLocked

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bIsLocked

If locked, prevents any further changes to any form field properties (in Acrobat 'Properties' dialog box).

◆ m_bHasBorder

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bHasBorder

If true, there is a border around the field.

◆ m_sBorderColor

A3DPDFRgbColorData A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_sBorderColor

Color of the border of the field (if any).

◆ m_eThicknessBorder

A3DPDFEThicknessBorder A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_eThicknessBorder

Thickness of the border.

◆ m_eLineStyleBorder

A3DPDFELineStyleBorder A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_eLineStyleBorder

Line style of the border.

◆ m_bHasFillColor

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bHasFillColor

If true, the following field (m_sFillColor) is used.

◆ m_sFillColor

A3DPDFRgbColorData A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_sFillColor

Color which the inside of the field will be filled with (if m_bHasFillColor is true).

◆ m_sTextColor

A3DPDFRgbColorData A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_sTextColor

Color of the text.

◆ m_pcFontName

A3DUTF8Char* A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_pcFontName

Font name of the text. It should be the name of the font as appearing in Acrobat font list, with style separated with a comma. For example, 'Calibri Bold Italic' should be specified as "Calibri,BoldItalic". Also, specific values exist for Adobe default fonts: eTimesRoman is "TiRo" ; eTimesItalic is "TiIt" ; eTimesBold is "TiBo" ; eTimesBoldItalic is "TiBI" ; eHelvetica is "Helv" ; eHelveticaOblique is "HeOb" ; eHelveticaBold is "HeBo" ; eHelveticaBoldOblique is "HeBO" ; eCourier is "Cour" ; eCourierOblique is "CoOb" ; eCourierBold is "CoBo" ; eCourierBoldOblique is "CoBO".

◆ m_iFontSize

A3DInt32 A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_iFontSize

Size of the font.

◆ m_pcExportValue

A3DUTF8Char* A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_pcExportValue

Value used when field data is exported by Acrobat functions.

◆ m_bIsCheckedByDefault

A3DBool A3DPDFCheckBoxData::m_bIsCheckedByDefault

If true, this check box is checked when the PDF document is opened.