Structure to define a DataTable. More...

Data Fields

A3DUns32 m_iNbCols
A3DUns32 m_iNbRows
A3DUTF8Char ** m_ppcTexts

Detailed Description

Structure to define a DataTable.


Field Documentation

◆ m_iNbRows

A3DUns32 A3DPDFDataTableData::m_iNbRows

Number of rows in the table.

◆ m_iNbCols

A3DUns32 A3DPDFDataTableData::m_iNbCols

Number of columns in the table.

◆ m_ppcTexts

A3DUTF8Char** A3DPDFDataTableData::m_ppcTexts

Array of texts, ordered first by row : [row0col0, row0col1, row0col2, row1col0, row1col1, row1col2, ...] Table cells types can be text or image. The widget bound to the table must support the good type. The cells of type image must contain the icon id of the image. Icon images must be previously created and stored in the document with A3DPDFDocumentAddImageAsIcon2, which returns the icon id.