A3DPDFPageData2 Struct Reference

A3DPDFPageData2 structure. More...

Data Fields

A3DPDFEPageOrientation m_ePageOrientation
A3DPDFEPageSize m_ePageSize
int m_iPageHeight
int m_iPageWidth

Detailed Description

A3DPDFPageData2 structure.


Field Documentation

◆ m_ePageSize

A3DPDFEPageSize A3DPDFPageData2::m_ePageSize

Size of the page.

◆ m_ePageOrientation

A3DPDFEPageOrientation A3DPDFPageData2::m_ePageOrientation

Orientation of the page (landscape/portrait).

◆ m_iPageWidth

int A3DPDFPageData2::m_iPageWidth

Defines the page Width when the page m_ePageSize == kA3DPDFPageCustom

◆ m_iPageHeight

int A3DPDFPageData2::m_iPageHeight

Defines the page Height when Size m_ePageSize == kA3DPDFPageCustom