Envision 1.3.0

April 5, 2023 - SHA: 5849c2e4

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-992 Cannot read DataResultVisibility manually from the data source desktop

The cee::ug::DataResultVisibility is not updated after loading visibility results. Also added DataStateSpec::setLoadVisibilityResult() so visibility results now can be loaded with DataSourceInterface::loadState().

CAE-1058 Envision Web UgServer C++ redist needs updating web

Removed the C++ redist in the server/UgServer/bin/win folder in the distribution and updated the documentation with the link to the latest C++ redist and info on when to use it.

CAE-1062 Removed cutting plane can still be interacted with web

The problem occurs when users hang on to the settings objects that are retrieved from RemoteModel even after the underlying entities have been deleted. Since the settings objects have parent references to the RemoteModel internals, these objects keep influencing the RemoteModel state even after they have been deleted. The customer observes just strange behavior, but this obviously has the potential to cause crashes as well.

The fix involves internal unwiring of the user facing settings objects in RemoteModel when the underlying entities are deleted.

An added benefit of this fix will probably be that the job of garbage collector will be a little bit easier.

CAE-1101 Data providers: Using notifyResultAdded() might in some cases crash the server/host app web

Fixed an issue where in some cases using the ChangeNotifications::notifyResultAdded() method might crash the server.

CAE-1107 Assert when having a model with a single point web

The web client caused a client side assert if the model only contained a single point and thus the extend of the bounding box was zero.

CAE-1111 Setting displacement scale factor to 0 or very small number breaks deformation web

Improved handling of scaling of small displacements in Envision Web. Will now use the corresponding vector result if found to do proper scaling when the displacements are very small or when using a very small scale factor.

Adding check for setting zero displacement scale factor. cee.ug.DisplacementSettings.scaleFactor = 0 will now throw on the client, as this is illegal.

CAE-1118 CugComposer: Export of query information for models with expanded beams did not work as expected web

Fixed an issue where the export from CugComposer did not have the valid query information for parts with expanded beams (e.g. responding to picking).

New Features

CAE-795 Project vectors on model surfaces, like it is done for cutting planes web desktop

PER_NODE and PER_ELEMENT_NODE vector results can now be projected onto the model surface. This is done by using the surface normal in the node and projecting the vector in the plane that is defined with the node and the normal. This works in a similar way as cee.ug.CuttingPlane.projectVectorsOnPlane.

Added cee.ug.VectorSettings.projectOnSurface and cee::ug::VectorSettings::setProjectOnSurface().

CAE-1002 Welding node support for VTK files to allow proper multi-part datasets web desktop

Added support for node welding in the VTK readers (Vtu, pvtu, pvd). When opening a .pvd file with multiple partitions, the partitions will be combined to one part and the nodes on the interfaces between the parts will be welded. This makes the visualization work as expected (feature lines, transparency, normals, etc).

This feature also works for .pvd files with multiple time steps.

Envision Desktop: Added readerSettings().vtk().setWeldNodesForJointParts(true)

Envision Web:

this.m_model.setReaderOptions("VTK", {

CAE-1097 CaeImport: Add reader for COMSOL section-wise files web desktop

Added support for COMSOL section-wise CAE files. Default extension is .txt.

CAE-1098 CaeImport: Add reader for STAR-CCM result files web desktop

Added support for STAR-CCM to ImportCAE.

Note: STAR-CCM is only available on Envision Desktop on Windows and you must provide the required DLLs and make them accessible to the application. The two DLLs required are ccmio.dll and adf.dll. Please contact Siemens to reach an agreement to redistribute the files.

CAE-1102 Update C# examples in dist with newer .NET desktop

The C# project files for the example apps got some love and have been upgraded to a bit more modern version of .NET.

CAE-1103 New examples for the Data Provider Framework web desktop

We have added 3 new examples to the Data Provider Framework to showcase how it can be utilized and highlight the flexibility of the framework:

  • DynamicDataPlugin: A data provider with changing data using the pollForChanges(). Supports adding and removing states, results and geometry and also starting from an empty model.

  • SharedServicePlugin A Plugin that supports getting data from a service that is shared between all instances of the plugin. Can open models with different configurations, then do one call to modify/morph all models. Shows how you can inject a singleton using the plugin factory.

  • MockupPlugin: Providing a MPParametricProvider that has a model generator and can produce meshes of any size to e.g. test performance.

CAE-1104 Allow customization for OffscreenCanvasLabelDrawer.drawOntoCanvas method web

Added support for injecting a custom label drawer which gives total flexibility on how to render the labels in the markup model. Added PartLabels.setCustomDrawOntoCanvasCallback(). Use this callback to override how labels are drawn. This gives you total freedom to draw any type of label. In the callback you need to resize the canvas to a size that suits your needs, and draw any text or other content onto the canvas. The label text is passed as input, but this text can be a custom markup language to control the layout of the label.

See the documentation of CustomDrawOntoCanvasCallback for more info and an example on how to use this.

CAE-1105 Add more triangle and edge data to QueryFeatureExtractionSurface web

Enriched the data returned from the cee.ug.QueryFeatureExtractionSurface.

Added the following to queryFeatureExtractionSurface:

Per triangle (triangleDataArr) and per edge (edgeDataArr):

  • sourceElementIndex

  • scalarResult

  • vectorResult

  • perVertexScalarResults

  • perVertexVectorResults

Also added elementMeshVertices

The following are removed:

  • faceTriangleVerticesScalarResults: Use triangleDataArr[x].perVertexScalarResults

  • edgeLineVerticesScalarResults: Use edgeDataArr[x].perVertexScalarResults

CAE-1108 Support initial empty model and adding/modifying geometries in Data Providers web desktop

Data providers now supports starting out (or ending up with) an empty model.

  • Added support for providing models with no geometry (only one state)

  • Added CDPChangeNotifications::notifyTriggerNewGetMetaData() to notify the host that the meta data (e.g. for a geometry) have changed and a new getMetaData() is required.

  • Extending DynamicDataPlugin to demonstrate starting without a geometry.

  • Fixed various issues relating to updating/modifying/deleting geometries, results and states when using pollForChanges or handleClientRequest.

CAE-1110 QueryMinMax - get min/max items for a given frame only web

Added QueryResultMinMax.computeMinMaxItemsFromFrameIndex to specify to only get minimum/maximum items from a given frame (and not all loaded states). Default is -1, which is the old behavior of returning min/max items from all currently referenced states.

CAE-1112 Add support for Symmetric Tensor Results in OpenFOAM Data provider web desktop

The OpenFOAM data provider now support symmetric tensor results.

CAE-1115 Add CUG Server documentation web

Added information on how to use the server for the ConstantRemoteModel to the documentation.

CAE-1116 Add a root folder with zip file name as the root of the Envision Web archive web

The Envision Web .zip file now has a root folder with the same name as the archive, making it easier to extract and keeping it consistent with the rest of the Tech Soft 3D toolkits.