CEETRON Envision for Desktop Documentation

Version: 2.3-0

CEETRON Envision is a modular, object-oriented class library tailored to presentation of scientific and engineering data with a particular strength in visualization of finite element models and results. It is an excellent development platform for building 3D visualization applications and provides software developers with ease of use and effectiveness during application building. It contains a rich, high level feature set for extracting and displaying simulations results efficiently.

CEETRON Envision integrates easily and swiftly into the developer’s environment and contain powerful functionality for post processing and visualization of simulation data. This enables the user to concentrate on improving the core functionality of the simulation environment and structuring the workflow and application logic of the software. CEETRON Envision is based on recent implementations of OpenGL, is fully shader-based and uses an instruction set which enable visualization on multiple platforms using a common code base. As a result, the graphics performance of CEETRON Envision based applications is optimized for multiple devices ranging from high end workstations, laptops and mobile handheld devices.