Programming Guide

Getting Started

The data provider framework is a part of the the “CEETRON Envision Desktop” distribution and can be downloaded from The data provider framework is found in the DataProviderFramework folder in the Envision distribution. The data provider framework is provided as source code so you can compile with your favorite compiler and settings.

To compile the framework, example plugins and example apps, we recommend using CMake. Download CMake from

To build and run the examples, please follow the steps below:

  • Unzip the “CEETRON Envision Desktop” distribution file info a folder

  • Go to the DataProviderFramework folder in the distribution.

  • Create a build folder (e.g. Build on the same level as DataProvider)

  • > cd Build

  • > cmake ../DataProvider

On Linux/mac, build the solution with:

> make

On Windows, open the project file and build with the selected compiler (e.g. Visual Studio).

The build step will build:

  • DataProviderHostLib

  • MinimalPlugin

  • TestDriver

To run the test driver:

cd ExampleApps/TestDriver/
./TestDriver ../../ExamplePlugins/MinimalPlugin/cdp_MinimalPlugin MINIMAL

Creating a DataProviderPlugin

There are three steps to creating a DataProviderPlugin

Step 1: Create the plugin

The main file defines the plugin. You define a version and a method for creating the Factory. One file can contain many data providers. The initializeDataProviderPlugin() method is called by the host to initialize the provider(s).

Example: MinimalPlugin.cpp

Step 2: Create the data provider factory

The factory is responsible for instantiation and deletion of the DataProvider, providing information about the provider and checking if the provided ModelKey is supported by the provider. To create the factory, derive from CDPDataProviderFactory and implement the 4 pure virtual methods.

Example: MinimalProviderFactory.h/cpp

Step 3: Create the data provider

The provider is where all the CAE data is communicated to the host. To create a provider, derive from CDPDataProvider and implement the 7 pure virtual methods.

Example: MinimalProvider.h/cpp

Using Data Providers in Envision for Web

Data providers can be used with the RemoteModel server (CeeCloudServer). To load your data provider, set the C3_UG_DATA_PROVIDER_FOLDER environment variable to point to the folder with your data provider. The CeeCloudServer will load all data providers in the specified folder. The data provider needs to comply to the following naming scheme:



cdp_MyDataProvider.dll (Windows), (Linux)

The server will list the registered data providers when a file is opened.

Using Data Providers in Envision Analyzer

To use your data provider with CEETRON Analyzer Desktop, define the environment variable CEE_DATA_PROVIDERS_FOLDER to point to the folder where your data provider is located. CEETRON Analyzer will load all data providers in the specified folder. The data provider file needs to follow the same naming scheme as described above.

Polling of the data provider can be controlled by two settings in the Advanced pane of the Settings dialog:

  • Enable Data Provider polling

  • Show last state when a state is added