Vector Results

Vector data is defined as a quantity with both magnitude and spatial direction. Velocity, accelerations, and heat flux are typical examples of vector data.

A vector result is a collection of vector values which are mapped on a part per node, per element, per element node or per element surface. Vector results are visualized as arrows.


Set up which vector results to show in the model specification. Note that the model specification contains an array of vector result ids since more than one vector result can be loaded simultaneously. In addition, individual vector results can be mapped to cutting planes, isosurfaces and isovolumes.

See ModelSpec for further descriptions.

The vector result has various settings (VectorSettings) that can be configured to make a better visual appearance of your result data, for instance scaling and color mode.

VectorSettings are available from UnstructGridModel.



UnstructGrid: Set Vector Settings on a Loaded Model
Shows how to change vector settings for visualized result.