Envision 1.3.2

April 27, 2023 - SHA: 3977c504

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1133 CugComposer requires a desktop license to produce snapshot images web desktop

The OSMesa component (used by CugComposer and Envision for Python to produce snapshot images) did require a CEETRON Envision Desktop license. This has been changed so no any CEETRON Envision license will work, both Web and Desktop.

CAE-1148 Handling of undefined vector results as regular grid vectors on cutting planes was in some corner cases wrong web desktop

In some very infrequent corner cases parts with undefined vector vector results might in some positions show vectors where they are not defined.

CAE-1149 Creating a result calculator would cause an exception due to changes in CAE-1108 web desktop

Initializing result calculators with the RemoteModel.createResultCalculator() method would case an exception when updating the RemoteModel.