Envision 1.4.0

May 24, 2023 - SHA: d3109217

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1186 oglWinPosFromClientCoord did not take padding into account web

oglWinPosFromClientCoord has been fixed to account for any padding specified for the Canvas element.

New Features

CAE-1119 HOOPS Exchange Data Provider in CEETRON Envision Desktop distributions desktop web

We now ship a ready to use Data Provider to load CAD Data. This is backed by HOOPS Exchange. The Data Provider can be used on both Desktop and Web, and enables you to load any CAD model supported by HOOPS Exchange into a cee.ug.RemoteModel (web) or cee::ug::UnstructGridModel (desktop). The Data Provider Plugin (cdp_ExchangePlugin.so or cdp_ExchangePlugin.dll) can be found in the folder DataProviderPlugins in the distribution (Desktop Windows and Linux).

../_images/cae1119-1.png ../_images/cae1119-2.png

Note that the usage of this plugin requires a HOOPS license with Exchange. This license can be provided with the reader settings: HOOPS_LICENSE. Also note that the distribution does not contain HOOPS Exchange. This have to be downloaded separately from the Tech Soft 3D Developer Zone. The path to HOOPS Exchange must be set with the reader setting: HOOPS_LIBRARY_PATH.

See the documentation https://docs.techsoft3d.com/ceetron/latest/envision-desktop/topics/dataproviders/plugins/exchange.html for more information.

CAE-1086 Finding visible parts within a screen region web

Added cee.ug.VisibleObjectPicker which can find the visible parts within a given screen region specified in css pixels. Use cee.ug.VisibleObjectPicker.getVisibleObjectsInRectangle() to get all visible parts in that given region. This is a screen based technique, so any parts fully obscured in the region by other parts will not be part of the returned parts. The method support finding both partially and fully covered parts.


VisibleObjectPicker with acceptPartiallyContainedObjects = true


VisibleObjectPicker with acceptPartiallyContainedObjects = false

CAE-932 Generators and examples for mapping results on a geometry of any shape in cee.ug.RemoteModel web

Added generators for creating cylinders, spheres and boxes with a predefined tessellation density. Added an example on how to use this generated geometry to map results form the Remote Model and visualize this together with the remote model using the cee.ug.QueryMapResultOnPoints. This enables e.g. “cylindrical cutting planes”. Added cee.utils.BoxGenerator, cee.utils.CylinderGenerator and cee.utils.SphereGenerator.

The example Examples/DemoAppUg have be extended to show how you can create a cutting cylinder by using cee.utils.CylinderGenerator, cee.ug.QueryMapResultOnPoint and finally cee.geo.GeometryModel to show the cylinder with results mapped onto the surface (as shown below):

../_images/cae932-1.png ../_images/cae932-2.png ../_images/cae932-3.png

CAE-451 Add setUseFirstOrderElementNodesOnly() to RemoteModel web

Added setting to remote model to control if only first order element nodes should be used or not. Default false, which means high order elements (e.g. a 8 node QUAD) will be shown with all element nodes. If set to true, only first order nodes will be transmitted from the server and used for the visualization, causing the 8 node QUAD in the previous example to be shown as a QUAD with 4 nodes.


QUAD 8 element with setUseFirstOrderElementNodesOnly = false (default)


QUAD 8 element with setUseFirstOrderElementNodesOnly = true

CAE-1165 Web: Add PartSettings::disableElementSetFiltering web

Added new part setting for controlling if a part should use element filtering by sets or not. This is default false (use filtering), but can be set to true (no not use filtering) to make so parts visible even if they are not part of the visible sets. See documentation for cee.ug.PartSettings.disableElementSetFiltering for more information.

CAE-1138 Legacy plotting: Add support for old embedded 2d plots desktop

The embedded 2d plots on desktop now supports loading legacy VTFx files with embedded 2D plots.

CAE-197 Doc: Add topic on using multiple views desktop

Added some more information on using multiple views to the documentation: https://docs.techsoft3d.com/ceetron/latest/envision-desktop/topics/visualization/multiple-views.html