Envision 1.5.0

July 4, 2023 - SHA: d563f5e6

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1197 initString not passed along while using defaultResultCalculatorDefinitions web

When passing along the defaultResultCalculatorDefinitions as part of the OpenModelOptions to RemoteModel.openModel() the init string was not properly propagated to the result calculator.

New Features

CAE-531 Add support for WebGL 2 to Envision Web web

Envision Web is now using WebGL2 as the default renderer. This should not affect any current usage but will open up for new features in the coming versions.

It will fall back to WebGL1 if WebGL2 is not supported. You can force WebGL1 with ViewerOptions.forceWebGL1 = true.

CAE-741 Add missing part and element info to queries web

Added information about area and volume to HitItem and Element and Geometry queries.

  • Added cee.ug.HitItem.elementArea with the area of the hit element.

  • Added cee.ug.QueryElementInfoData.elementArea returned by cee.ug.QueryElementInfo.

  • Added cee.ug.QueryGeometryStatisticsData.totalVolume and totalArea returned by the cee.ug.QueryGeometryStatistics.

CAE-1131 Added part setting to disable feature extraction for that part desktop web

Added a new part setting for disabling computation of feature extractions (cutting plane, isosurfaces, isovolumes, particle tracing). If set to true, there will be no feature extraction computed for the given part.

See cee.ug.PartSettings.disableFeatureExtraction and cee::ug::PartSettings::disableFeatureExtraction() for more information.

CAE-1177 Added coloring of elements based on set, element type and user property desktop web

You can now specify how to color a part if not results are shown. This is done with the cee.ug.ModelSettings.modelColorSource or cee::ug::ModelSettings::setModelColorSource() setting.

Legal values are Part (default), Set, Element Type, User Property with index 0..2.

../_images/cae1177-1.png ../_images/cae1177-2.png ../_images/cae1177-3.png

CAE-1187 Added documentation about cug in the Envision Web documentation web

The documentation for Envision Web cee API overview page now has information about CUG.

CAE-1191 Added example and documentation on how to use multiple views in Envision Web web

Added documentation on how to use multiple views to the View and Viewer API documentation.

Added a new Example (Examples/MultipleViews) which showcases how to use multiple views with Envision Web.

CAE-1195 Support for MacOS ARM64 (M1/M2) for UG Server web

Added support for Apple Silicon MacOS ARM64 (used in M1/M2 based Macs) for the UgServer. Use the npm run startMacArm command to start the server on a Mac with M1/M2.

The binaries are in the server/UgServer/bin/osx_arm64 and NativeApplications/CugComposer/bin/mac_arm64 folders.

Note: You might get an error saying the CeeUgServer.node cannot be opened. If so, go to Privacy and Security and allow it.

../_images/cae1195-1.png ../_images/cae1195-2.png