Envision 1.6.0

August 16, 2023 - SHA: f991e3e2

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1196 QueryNodeScalarResult does not support calculator results desktop web

The cee.ug.QueryNodeScalarResult query now supports querying scalar results that are computed with a result calculator plug-in.

CAE-1200 Crash in loadState() when changing section configuration desktop

When changing sections in cee::imp::cae::DataSourceCae and then calling loadState() you might in some cases get an assert.

CAE-1203 Navigation cube cannot be used to set the camera inside the OpenModelCallback web

The Overlay.viewConfigurationFromNavigationCubeItem() did not work before the first visualization was ready (e.g. in the openModelCompleted callback in RemoteModel.openModel().

CAE-1209 DataProvider: setCreateDerivedResults(false) does not work when adding results in pollForChanges desktop web

The CDPDataProvider::setCreateDerivedResults(false) setting did not work when providing new results in CDPDataProvider::pollForChanges(), it would always provide derived results.

Also fixed an issue where the results provided by result calculators disappeared if a pollForChanges() resulted in a new call to getMetaData (CDPChangeNotifications.notifyTriggerNewGetMetaData()).

CAE-1211 ImportCAE: For some file formats undefined results are reported as 0 desktop web

The file readers supported by Ceetron Access (most CAE formats) specifies undefined results as 0 and not undefined. This causes the visualization to be wrong and also for 0 to be included in the min/max calculations.

Added a new setting to control this behavior: On desktop we enabled the cee::imp::cae::ReaderSettings::setUsesUndefinedResults reader setting for Ceetron Access so you can now force undefined results to be zero.

In Envision Web, we added a new reader setting:

myModel.setReaderOptions("CEETRON_ACCESS", {

In future releases, this will be set to default true (use undefined), but that requires some fixes in Ceetron Access.

CAE-1210 UgServer crashes on some old legacy VTFx files web

Some old and partial VTFx files caused an assert and crashed the RemoteModel (UG) server.

New Features

CAE-1123 Custom labels for color legend tickmarks desktop

Added support for specifying custom color legend labels for FILLED_CONTOURS_UNIFORM and FILLED_CONTOURS legends. You have to specify numberOfFilledContoursColors() + 1 strings (one for each tickmark).

Added to cee::ug::ColorMapper

std::vector<cee::Str>   customFilledContoursTickMarkLabels() const;
void                    setCustomFilledContoursTickMarkLabels(const std::vector<cee::Str>& levelLabels);

CAE-1193 Add constant fluid viscosity property to MassedParticleParameters web

You can now specify a constant molecular fluid viscosity when using the massed particle tracing. This is useful if the viscosity is constant and you do not have a dedicated viscosity scalar field.

Added cee.ug.MassedParticleParameters.constantFluidViscosity. This will be used when fluidViscosityResultId is not set (-1).

CAE-1202 Added ArrowGenerator and fix typings of cee.utils web

Added cee.utils.ArrowGenerator class to generate a tessellation of an arrow.

Added cee.utils.ConeGenerator and cee.utils.PathGenerator to the typings files CeeEnvisionWebComponents.d.ts

CAE-1206 Add documentation to .d.ts file web

Added the Envision Web documentation to the CeeEnvisionWebComponents.d.ts. This allows for a much nicer development experience, as most editors (including VS Code) will show the documentation as tooltips when hovering over code.


CAE-1208 Do not expose the license code when using the HOOPS Exchange plugin desktop web

When using the HOOPS Exchange Data Provider for the RemoteModel, you can now use the CEW_TECH_SOFT_LICENSE_CODE and HOOPS_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables to specify the license and the location of the HOOPS Exchange distribution on the server side. This avoids providing these as ReaderSettings from the client side.

The documentation has been updated to reflect this.