Envision 2.1.0

Apr 16, 2024 - SHA: 35e51d55

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1342 Assert when opening VTU files web desktop

Fixed a bug that caused assert in VTU files with binary data arrays added using inline mode.

CAE-1349 Missing beams in VTFx model on Envision Web web

Fixed a bug causing some expanded beam elements to be not be rendered.

CAE-1351 Issues with mesh lines when having expanded elements web desktop

Fixed a bug in rendering optimization causing artifacts in line rendering when having expanded elements.

New Features

CAE-1225 RemoteModel: Query part results web

RemoteModel introduces a new query, QueryPartResults, to get results of a part. At this moment, this query supports SCALAR and VECTOR result types. For result mapping, we support PER_NODE, PER_ELEMENT and PER_ELEMENT_NODE.

CAE-1354 Updated version of CEETRON Access web desktop

Updated our file reader libraries, CEETRON Access, to version 1.11 which includes Abaqus 2024 support.

CAE-1311 Updated version of third party library ZipArchive web desktop

Updated third party dependency The ZipArchive Library (https://www.artpol-software.com/Default.aspx) to version 4.6.9 (latest).

ZipArchive incorporates The Zlib Library (http://www.zlib.net) version 1.2.13.

CAE-1335 Allow to display vectors as lines web

Three new accessors are exposed in VectorSettings to control the display of vector arrow geometry:

  • VectorSettings.arrowShaftRelativeRadius

  • VectorSettings.arrowHeadRelativeRadius

  • VectorSettings.arrowHeadRelativeLength

These fields are already available in Envision Desktop, but were not in Envision Web. By exposing these fields, developers will have the ability to control how the vector arrow geometry is created.

In the case of “displaying vectors as lines”, a developer can simply set either the arrowShaftRelativeRadius or arrowHeadRelativeRadius equal to zero, effectively removing the arrow head. This will work with both normal and simple vector types. The simple vector type does not take into account arrowShaftRelativeRadius since the simple vector uses a line (rather than a cylinder) for the shaft.


CAE-1339 Add support for derived results in VTFx case with multiple cases web desktop

Removed limitation of derived results only being available for VTFx files with one case. Derived results are now available for all cases in a multi case VTFx model file.

CAE-1345 Provide tessellation vertices for expanded elements web

Adds triangle vertices for expanded elements enabling highlighting of an entire expanded beam element.

CAE-1350 VTFx: Remove log message during export from CeeVTFx without a license desktop

Removed log message when generating VTFx model files using the CeeVTFx component without a license.