SAM 1.0.x [Sep 28, 2022]

SHA: d684b6c7

Fixed Bugs

CAE-846 Correct uninitialized variable in vgl_*PolygonColor(..)

CAE-833 Correct order of engineering constants in exported Abaqus .inp files

CAE-830 Fix bit overflow on vis associations

CAE-825 CGNS file import: when there is a boundary condition BC defined through a family, the BC type and name were not correctly stored

CAE-821 Fix export of CGNS format containing a large mesh (+ 500M elements) due to bit overflow

CAE-790 Support CGNS Section type different than MIXED

CGNS Section type was forced to MIXED even when elements were different from Polygon or polyhedra. Now, when a section is made with a given kind of element, it has the right type.

CAE-775 Title, subtitle, and label are no longer defined when not present in .bdf file

Even when no title, subtitle, or label was defined in a .bdf file, they were previously wrongly added.

CAE-734 Fix error while opening FEMAP file version 12

Adapt parsing to version 12 upwards for data block 404.

CAE-727 Check vendor before loading ISOL in NasLib

The solution sequence number (ISOL) is written by NX-NASTRAN result file but not by MSC-NASTRAN file.

CAE-667 Support Nastran input with long include path name

CAE-662 Fix integer overflow due to unsupported internal sets when reading CASECC in OP2 files

CAE-639 Support import of allowable strains/stresses for Nastran MAT8 card

Add support for allowable stresses in MAT8 card of .bdf, .h5, .xdb, .op2 and .h3d files.

CAE-547 Other small fixes

  • Correct check of uninitialized variable.

  • Remove undesired comparison to zero.

  • Correct array size.

  • Correct use of bitwise and operator.

SDVK-277 Fix to allow extended Ascii chars to be rendered

PR-3142 vdm_DataFuns NODATAVALMODE convention is enforced to be the same as vis_Lmans LMAN_NODATAVAL when the latter is set

vdm_DataFuns NODATAVALMODE convention is enforced to be the same as vis_Lmans LMAN_NODATAVAL when the latter is set

New Features

CAE-844 Support LS-DYNA-Input INCLUDE with several files

CAE-769 Improve detection of OpenFoam boundary patches

Boundary patches of types wall, empty, patch, processor, and symmetry are now detected.

CAE-755 Support intersection between subset of mesh and plane in function vis_ConnectPlaneIntersect

Similar to function vis_SpacePlaneGroup, the function vis_ConnectPlaneIntersect has now an optionally NULL parameter named “group” that can contain a subset of the mesh to be checked for intersection instead of checking the whole mesh.

CAE-722 Add function for plane and mesh intersection (vis_ConnectIntersectWithPlane)

CAE-639 Support import of allowable strains/stresses for Nastran MAT8 card

Add support for allowable stresses in MAT8 card of .bdf, .h5, .xdb, .op2 and .h3d files.

SDVK-138 Add RasFont virtual window parameter

  • Add RASFONT_VIRTUALWINDOW parameter used to toggle a virtual window/display on/off, ie. when running on a headless system

  • Add RASFONT_VIRTUALRESOLUTION parameter used to manually set the num-pixels-per-cm resolution used when RASFONT_VIRTUALWINDOW is enabled


SAM 1.0.1

Nov 24, 2022 - SHA: e75ecbde

CAE-866 Fix unit information in British systems for unv files

The temperature unit is decided based on the unit system and the temperature mode (relative or absolute). The factor and offset in the .unv file are used for user-defined temperature units.

CAE-864_sdvk330 add read IdTranUID in elemsets/nodesets

Support read of user id in IdTran attribute for table datasets SET.ELEM.T and SET.NODE.T

CAE-855 Support STAGEID parameter in Nastran keyword CYCSET

StageID parameter of Nastran keyword CYCSET is available in GProp through global property GPROP_SYMM_STAGEID

SAM 1.0.2

Dec 1, 2022 - SHA: cf71e1d0

CAE-917 Fix integer overflow issue in vis_ConnectNodeGroup and vis_ConnectElemGroup

The issue appeared when the operation CONNECT_SAMPLE was used.

CAE-909 Bug fix in example 3 for Access

Fix layer attribute index in print_linksection.

SAM 1.0.3

Dec 12, 2022 - SHA: 0cd47348

CAE-943 Fix ODB read Sections data

Element sections are differentiated from their sectionCategory name and no more from their description

CAE-944 Fix parsing of stress for CQUAD8 SOL 401 Nastran element

The parsing of real and imaginary stress components has been corrected.

CAE-928 [Integer Overflow] Solve integer overflow issues in vis_Connect

SAM 1.0.4

Dec 16, 2022 - SHA: 0bf4d6b1

CAE-951 Fix ANSLib nodal rotation angle with degenerated elements

When loading ANSYS rst result file, nodal rotation angle has been corrected for degenerated elements

CAE-936 Fix export RBE3 from Nastran with non-uniform weigths to Abaqus .inp file

The coupling coefficient weights are now exported and the RBE3 is exported in abaqus as a DISTRIBUTED COUPLING

SAM 1.0.5

Jan 6, 2023 - SHA: 166ff9b4

CAE-987 Correct parsing of rot_and dataset for Marc files

CAE-974 Fix reading of Openfoam datasets from a restarted simulation

When reading OpenFoam datasets of a restarted simulation, not all possible datasets are created and a crash occurs while closing the reading library.

CAE-972 Fix reading of misplaced OpenFoam polyMesh files

While reading OpenFoam input files, misplaced polyMesh files may lead to a crash.

CAE-974 Support OpenFoam zeroGradient, uniformFixedGradient and fixedGradient boundary conditions detection

Activation status of OpenFoam zeroGradient, uniformFixedGradient and fixedGradient boundary conditions can be retrieved.

SAM 1.0.6

Jan 23, 2023 - SHA: 6e60c046

CAE-1010 Fix regression introduced in Version SAM 1.0.4 for Rigid Kinematics Element (i.e RBAR)

This fix revert the modifications causing the SYS_RIGID_KINE elements being treated as SYS_RIGID_DIST. The change was also presented when calling the method vis_ConnectElemAssoc() using the VIS_FEASPEC.

CAE-943 Fix section category names in ODB files when section have different distribution

For Abaqus ODB files if two or more section have different distribution (either total number of points, or layer points distribution) will now have different Section Category Names.

SAM 1.0.7

Mar 14, 2023 - SHA: 04243305

CSAM-397 Fix crash in FEMap reader for beam/shell results with no beam/shell elements in the input model

This fix avoids a crash in FEMap reader when no shell or beam has been read in the model but a shell or a beam related result is detected.

SAM 1.0.8

Apr 6, 2023 - SHA: 97eeeff2

CSAM-476 Fix ABAFwt distributing coupling surface names and exported weigths

This fix two issues related to ABAFwt export of distributing coupling cards. Now, the new surface name generated is checked against already defined set names to avoid having identical names. Furthermore, nodal weights were wrongly exported when the last weights of the node set were identical.