SAM 1.10.x [Feb 28, 2024]

SHA: 82be2be2

Fixed Bugs

CSAM-816 Fix Ansys ETBLOCK import in Ansys Mechanical APDL

ETBLOCK import is fixed in Ansys Mechanical APDL.

CSAM-555 Enforce Cgns write of GridLocation

Enforce Cgns to write the GridLocation_t node in the GridConnectivity_t node even in Vertex is the default.

CSAM-768 ANSLib: add element node temperature on Surface element

in ANSLib library, element node temperatures are read on surface element types SURF152 and SURF154.

CSAM-801 Added OpenFOAM, CGNS and Nastran H5 readers dependency to the third-party folder

CSAM-801: Added zlib, CGNS, HFD5 in the third-party folder.

CSAM-780 Nasfil reads NLPARM definitions per Subcase

NasFil library: handle multiple definitions of NLPARM Bulk Data entries when Control Case commands NLPARM are defined at SUBCASE levels.

CSAM-765 Fixing the free type factor in order to avoid missing character names at the top while displaying

Fixed the issue related to the displaying characters with top part missing when using FreeType and Arial bold font.

CSAM-788 Manage #includeEtc keyword in OpenFOAM

“#includeEtc” OpenFOAM keyword management has been added. Files included this way are version specific and not included by default in the set of result files. If used, this included files must be added to the set of result files to be processed by Access.

CSAM-787 RBE2 APLHA values from Nastran input are not read correctly

RBE2 APLHA values from Nastran input deck were not read correctly when several RBE2 were defined in the input.

CSAM-790 Fix D3DLib import Solid strain tensor results

Fix D3DLib import Strain tensor on solid elements when thermal strain and/or plastic strain tensor is active.

CSAM-775 Provide METIS and GKlib third party libraries in the distribution

METIS and GKlib libraries are provided with the distribution and linked by default with the sources.

CSAM-776 Improved management of anisotropic materials in Ansys

Anisotropic elastic material stiffnesses, coefficients of thermal expansion and thermal conductivities can be read from and exported to Ansys input files.

CSAM-791 Exporting the right node ID into the EBLOCK of Ansys cdb file

Fixed the issue related to writing of node ids in the EBLOCK of Ansys cdb.

CSAM-789 Avoid the crash on freeing memory of state object

Avoided the crash related to freeing memory of state object.

CSAM-779 Reading and writing applied restraint cases (SPC) on velocity of the nodes in Ansys cdb file

Reading and writing applied restraint cases (SPC) on the velocity of the nodes in Ansys cdb file (VELX, VELY and VELZ) are supported.

CSAM-555 CGNS write model supports now abutting meshes with multiZones

CGNS export: allow multiple Cell Zones option. Each 3D Cells part will be exported in a dedicated CGNS Zone. The 1to1 Abutting meshes are supported and corresponding data are written in a CGNS a ZoneGridConnectivity_t node.

The required API call is below:


CSAM-772 Fixed an issue related to a SYS_ERROR_VALUE error obtained while creating CE cards in Ansys cdb file

Fixed an issue related to a SYS_ERROR_VALUE error obtained while creating CE cards in Ansys cdb file.

CSAM-748 Long part name in Fluent .cas files was causing memory violation issue

Part names longer than 20 characters in Fluent .cas mesh files were causing memory violation issues while accessing them.

CSAM-586 Exporting FamilyName_t node in CGNS file with boundary condition information

FamilyName_t and Family_t nodes are created while exporting CGNS file to contain the boundary condition info. In this case, the BC_t nodes will be noted as FamilySpecified.

The required API call is below:


CSAM-762 Fix Nastran input file reader with free field format

Reading large Nastran input files written with the free field format could lead to memory violations and crashes.

CSAM-680 NASLib Cyclic Mode results are stored in the Local Cylindrical System

In the NASLib reader, fix the local system type and Id on which stresses and strains are written in case of Cyclic Mode analysis. The tensors are now available in the local cylindrical system.

New Features

CSAM-808 Option to set the absolute path to OpenFOAM etc directory

An option to set the absolute path to the include etc directory of OpenFoam is added. This path can be set through vdm_OpenFOAMLibSetString or vdm_DataFunSetString with the VDM_OPENFOAM_ETC_PATH type.

CSAM-796 Distribute the Data Provider Framework

Custom reader plugins based on the Data Provider Framework can now be loaded in Access and provide mesh and result information.

CSAM-766 Updating the internal ZLIB to version 1.3.1

The internal ZLIB is updated to 1.3.1.

CSAM-747 Support of predefined MPC type ELBOW in Abaqus input files

The predefined MPC type ELBOW is supported in Abaqus input files. Other predefined type TIE, PIN, LINK and BEAM only stored two nodes even when node sets with more than two nodes were used to define them. This is also fixed.

CSAM-745 Support Abaqus odb Coupling Constraints as SYS_ELEM_RIGID

Abaqus coupling constraints elements (Kinematic or Distributing couplings) can be retrieved from Abaqus .odb result files.

CSAM-691 Support of Ansys smeared reinforcing elements

Ansys smeared reinforcing element REINF265 are supported in Ansys input files (through ANSFil) and result files (through ANSLib). A new element type SYS_ELEM_REINFORCEMENT is added for reinforcing elements.

CSAM-676 Added Parallel vis_SurfMeshGenerate method to perform remeshing

Added vis_SurfMesh_EXPERIMENTAL_Generate(vis_SurfMesh* p, vis_Connect* connect) method to perform surface remeshing in parallel.

  • Added as an experimental API that is encouraged to be used for internal testing but not for production. The feature might be incomplete but it is ready for testing and feedback. Please refer to the documentation for more information. Use vis_SurfMesh_EXPERIMENTAL_SetPartitionStrategy(vis_SurfMesh* p, Vint iterationCount, Vint* partitionPerIteration) to customize the parallel strategy.


SAM 1.10.1

Mar 7, 2024 - SHA: 304060d5

CSAM-804 Fix FEASPEC values for element in LS-Dyna input deck

Fix FEASPEC values for element in LS-Dyna input deck.

CSAM-806 Fix D3DPlot internal plot file numbering when number of files is greater or equal to 99

Fix D3DPlot internal plot file numbering when number of plot files is greater or equal to 99.

SDVK-810 Remove vgl folder dependency from parallel surfmesher

Version 1.10.0 added by mistake towards the folder src/vgl. This fix reverts such dependency.

CSAM-835 Fix to the abort process in surface mesh generation

Fix the reactivity of the abort call when surfmesh is working.