SAM 1.11.x [Apr 18, 2024]

SHA: 546c4484

Fixed Bugs

CSAM-881 Fix performance loss during solver output writing

Now the code while writing State results is thread safe but also avoids locking when no needed. The thread locker were fixed to avoid blocking calls and thus recovering the performance from version 1.8.

CSAM-877 CGNSVLib export reduce DictionaryLookup usage

Fix performance regression in CGNS export when writing non polyhedral elements.

CSAM-873 Fix results with several stress/strain measures in NASLib

Stress and strain results containing different strain or stress measures would lead to invalid result names and data reporting in NASLib.

CSAM-869 Added possibility to solve sublevel problems iteratively when setting AMLS eigen solver

Added parameter PROSOLVE_AMLS_MAXEIGENDENSESIZE to decide the larger size of the sublevel matrix to be solved using LAPACK. For sublevels larger than this parameter CEETRON Solve will use an iterative approach. The iterative approach might be faster or slower, consumes lower memory and produces more accurate results. The default size is 8192. Added value result to query the error estimated during the condensation of the stiffness matrix. In addition, users can query the PROSOLVE_CONDENSATION_ERROR that contains the largest difference between the computed eigenvalue from the eigen solver with respect to the calculated eigen value using the formula sqrt(kii)/2.Pi, where kii is the values on the diagonal of the reduced stiffness matrix.

CSAM-867 Fixed bug in the comment line of LS-Dyna input file

Fixed a bug in the comment line of LS-Dyna input file while writing node and element sets.

CSAM-863 Manage element with no definition in ANSLib

Ansys result files (.rst) may include elements with no definition. This is now cleanly managed in ANSLib to avoid premature ending of the file processing.

CSAM-861 Manage compilation without explicit POSIX extensions definition on Linux

When compiling with GCC with only the standard C definitions enabled, compilation errors could arise due to undefined POSIX extension feature test macros. Although compiling without the GNU extensions is not recommended, we now provide a default value for these feature test macros when not defined.

CSAM-856 Ansfwt constraint equation export

ANSFwt export: Constraint equations CE in cdb format are written by specifying first the dependent node.

CSAM-839 VolMesh crash when less than 4 nodes are defined in the input

VolMesh crashed when less than 4 nodes are defined in the input, which cannot define a volume.

CSAM-838 Fix to Poisson’s ratio while reading MATORT card from Nastran input deck

Fix to Poisson’s ratio while reading MATORT card from Nastran input deck.

CSAM-835 Fix to the abort process in surface mesh generation

Fixed a bug in abort process of surface mesh generation.

CSAM-825 Fix Prosolve multi step result output

Fix the writing of op2 result files by Prosolve in the case of a non-linear analysis with writing of several results by load step.

CSAM-818 Fix strain rotation anisotropy formulation for shells

This change can cause results differences. The current behavior is the correct one.

The general formulation for the specific case of shell rotations, allow us to find the standard shell formulation as seen in Batoz : Modelisation des structures par elements finis. Vol III, 1992.

CSAM-814 Fix RBE3 coefficients computation

Computations of RBE3 coefficients may be wrong when all degrees of freedom available at the dependent node are not selected.

CSAM-806 Fix D3DPlot internal plot file numbering when number of plot files is greater or equal to 99

Fix D3DPlot library when number of plot files is greater or equal to 99.

CSAM-805 Add Units in Naslib meshless results

In NASLib, the Units system information (stored in UNITS.T and UNITS.TYPE.T datasets) are now available with meshless result files.

CSAM-804 Fix FEASPEC values for element in LS-Dyna input deck

Fix FEASPEC values for element in LS-Dyna input deck.

CSAM-797 Support NL input params in Abaqus, Nastran and Ansys

Add support for some Non-Linear control parameters for static analysis:

  • Abaqus library:



  • Ansys library:



    • NEQIT, NEQIT : stored in SPROP_ITERMAX

    • CNVTOL, Lab=U or F or ENGY, , TOLER : stored in SPROP_UTOL or SPROP_FTOL or SPROP_ETOL

  • Nastran library:


CSAM-795 Fix truncated text display with Freetype

Text display with freetype was truncated with some font sizes.

CSAM-770 Support included files with blanks in the name in NASLib

File name or file path with blanks used as included file is now supported in NASLib.

CSAM-767 D3DFil allows several parameter lines

D3DFil supports PARAMETER variables on several lines. Error message type SYS_ERROR_FORMAT is displayed when PARAMETER_EXPRESSION is read.

CSAM-722 Create an option to activate the legacy mesh sizing callback behavior

Add a VIS_MESH_FUNSIZINGLEGACY option to revert the meshing sizing callback behavior to its legacy behavior, reducing the number of callbacks but decreasing the final quality.

CSAM-719 Support of residual forces and moments in LS-DYNA result files

LS-DYNA result files written with the resplt option enabled were not correctly read. Residual forces and moments are now available in Access results.

CSAM-709 Add model integer parameters information in NASLib meshless results

In NASLib, the Model Integer Parameters information (stored in the PARAMETER.INT.T dataset) is now available with meshless result files.

CSAM-692 Created a new convention for Gasket Status Retrieval: from OP2 vs. VDM Mapping

A new following convention is created to show the gasket status results. if VDM_CONVENTION_ORIGINAL_GASKET_STATUS is present, then gasket status is not mapped. If not, the gasket status is mapped based on the VDM mapping.

CSAM-692 Using the NX Nastran mapping for the GASKET status if the results are reading from NX Nastran file

Using the NX Nastran mapping for the GASKET status if the results are reading from NX Nastran file.

CSAM-684 Fix to the unit of mass in Ansys rst file reader when the length unit is in inches

Fixed the bug in unit of mass when reading Ansys rst file if the length is in inches. The unit of mass should be BLOB if the length is in inches.

CSAM-602 Fix crash while reading NASLib meshless result files with layered elements

While reading meshless op2 files with layered results, if a connect was provided without those layered elements, a crash could occur.

New Features

CSAM-850 Add the vis_SurfMeshMetric method which computes a vis_MeshMetric object to check if the mesh complies with input parameters

Add the vis_SurfMeshMetric method. It computes a vis_Metric object that can be queried as follows:

  • For each element:

    1. If the element complies with the input parameter or not.

    2. The value of the metric.

  • For the whole mesh:

    1. The minimum value of the metric

    2. The maximum value of the metric

    3. The average value of the metric

    4. The compliance ratio (how many elements comply with the input parameter).

The supported input parameters are:







CSAM-829 Support of Ansys 2024R1

ANSLib supports 2024R1 result files.

CSAM-807 Added support for Abaqus 2024

Format update: we now support Abaqus 2024 in CEETRON Access.

CSAM-778 Support of node and element mesh association in parallel meshing

Node and mesh associations are now supported by the experimental parallel mesher.

CSAM-676 Multithreaded version vis_SurfMeshGenerate moved from EXPERIMENTAL to stable

The experimental implementation of the surfmesh generate method is now officially released. This enables the user to generate surfmesh using a divide and conquer multithreaded approach.


SAM 1.11.1

Apr 29, 2024 - SHA: 54f06e48

CSAM-918 Fix unconnected triangles output in surfmesh parallel execution

The unconnected triangles has been fixed with this patch. Also, Move base/system.h out of public header. the header system.h that was included in version 1.11.0 has been relocated for its corresponding .c file

SAM 1.11.2

May 2, 2024 - SHA: 67a6af2f

CSAM-855 Crash in NASLib while reading element thickness

A crash could occur with Nastran output files .op2 with several GEOM2 sections and element thickness definitions only in the second GEOM2 definition.

SAM 1.11.3

Jun 20, 2024 - SHA: 2ac58720

CSAM-912 CGNS export: shared multizone warning

Fix in CGNS export: support long part name and print warning when a part is shared by several zones.

CSAM-860 Improve replication detection in the NASFil module

While reading a Nastran bulk data file, a crash could occur because of a false positive in replication detection. Replication detection has been improved to avoid this crash.

SAM 1.11.4

Jul 5, 2024 - SHA: bc47c047

CSAM-933 Fix CE card export in ANSFil

The export of CE card, that has replaced the CERIG export for Ansys workbench compatibility, generated wrong constraint equations when the constrained nodes were not at the same spatial position.