SAM 1.5.x [Jul 4, 2023]

SHA: cf9d56bb

Fixed Bugs

CSAM-312 Avoid the creation of unnecessary nodes when parsing NSET from an Abaqus .inp file

When parsing NSET, CEETRON Access no longer adds a node if the node did not exist.

CSAM-462 Report the correct the number of nodes for PRETS179 elements parsed from Ansys .rst files

SAM now reports correctly that PRETS179 elements have 2 nodes.

CSAM-490 Compiler warnings due to VKI_VERSION_PRE_RELEASE while building SAM

Avoid compiler warnings due to the empty VKI_VERSION_PRE_RELEASE macro while building the SAM library.

CSAM-494 Fix element nodes counter and indices integer overflow in Vis_Connect. Detected in large case 600 Million elements

With a very large model having polyhedra and polygons, when the number of internal polygon faces exceeds the max value of a 32-bits integer, the model export under CGNS format failed. We have bravely fixed this.

CSAM-495 Correct data sources for effective mass result datasets

The source attribute for effective mass results was reported incorrectly.

CSAM-498 OpenfoamLib hangs indefinitely when loading boundary condition datasets without solution data

Fix OpenFoamLib which could hang indefinitely while loading boundary condition datasets without any solution data provided in the OpenFoam files when the VDM_CONVENTION_WALLINTER convention is set.

CSAM-537 Fix the invalid transformation of local to a global transformation of Fourier multi-harmonic elements

The Samcef reader has been modified in order to allow BOAPI_HYP_FOURIER_MULTI_HARMONIQUE elements to have the same local and global stress system.

CSAM-573 Fix degraded ABALib reading performance since SAM 1.2.0

While improving Abalib RAM consumption in SAM 1.2.0, reading performance has decreased. Some of the RAM consumption improvements introduced that led to a significant time increase while reading the datasets have been reverted.

New Features

CSAM-457 Support RIGID keyword in Nastran input deck from Optistruct

Optistruct uses the word ‘RIGID’ to reference high stiffness values. We replace such a keyword with the value in the variable NASFIL_RIGIDPBUSHVALUE (1e+11)

CSAM-517 AnsLib support for ECR: element centroid results

In AnsLib, the new result block ECR is now supported for import. This block contains element centroid results listed below:

  • Element centroidal stresses.

  • Element centroidal elastic strain.

  • Element centroidal plastic strain.

  • Element centroidal creep strain.

  • Element centroidal thermal.


SAM 1.5.1

Jul 31, 2023 - SHA: bb678a71

CSAM-579 Fix AnsLib Duplicate Mesh element numbering

Fix ANSLib: duplicate elements numbering in case of cyclic symmetry was not correct when offset between master and duplicate element was different from the number of elements divided by 2.

CSAM-530 Avoid NASLib to generate unexpected element stress/strain with SHEAR PANEL

Fix NASLib: prevent element stress or strain results from being generated without reason when the op2 file contains results on SHEARPANEL elements.

SAM 1.5.2

Aug 1, 2023 - SHA: 4975dcb7

CSAM-598 Add support for complex results from shear panel elements in NASLib

Add support for importing complex results from shear panel elements in NASlib (.op2 files).

SAM 1.5.3

Aug 31, 2023 - SHA: bd787495

CSAM-619 Total heat flux vs Total Heat flow depends on Nastran solution type

Total heat flux result qualifier is used for transient solutions while total heat flow qualifier is used for steady state solutions with CHBDYi elements.

SAM 1.5.4

Sep 19, 2023 - 625d245c

CSAM-638 Create a Time attribute with Vdouble data type in NASLib

Addition of a second time attribute with double data type in NASLib.

SAM 1.5.5

Nov 17, 2023 - SHA: 076d1086

CSAM-665 Reading the eigen parameters correctly from Abaqus inp file

SAM 1.5.6

Nov 21, 2023 - SHA: 076d1086d

CSAM-602 Fixed crashed when reading Nastran op2 files without meshes

SAM 1.5.7

Dec 1, 2023 - SHA: 015a47a6

CSAM-711 Fix Nastran material orientation angle formula

Fix formula used to compute material direction angle for shells by projecting first element edge on the element plane. The material coordinate system direction cosine may change and may generate differences only on strongly warped shell in the reference configuration.

SAM 1.5.8

Feb 16, 2024- ec35c33c

CSAM-766 Updating the internal ZLIB to 1.3.1

The internal ZLIB is updated to 1.3.1.

SAM 1.5.9

Apr 9, 2024 - SHA: 0360aaad

CSAM-680 NASLib Cyclic Mode results are stored in the Local Cylindrical System

In the NASLib reader, fix the local system type and Id on which stresses and strains are written in case of Cyclic Mode analysis. The tensors are now available in the local cylindrical system.