SAM 1.8.x [Nov 7, 2023]

SHA: 22e9e1ad

Fixed Bugs

CSAM-667 Fix AbaFil conversion Pyram13 from degenerated Hexa20

Fix Abaqus export and import input deck file with parabolic Pyramid13 expressed as degenerated C3D20 element.

CSAM-623 Fix infinite converging edge splitting in vis_SurfMesh

In the surface meshing library, in specific conditions, edge splitting could go on indefinitely. It would then lead to a final mesh with elements of null area.

CSAM-666 LS-Dyna D3DLib fix Shell layer count in ReadST

Fix LS-Dyna D3DLib read shell sections stresses when elements have 1 Gauss point and more than 5 output location values.

CSAM-625 Fix crash while computing the growth rate in vis_SurfMesh

A crash could occur in the surface meshing library while computing the growth rate.

CSAM-661 CGNSVlib Gather 2D surface section, parts with boundary elements first

When CGNS model is written with VDM_CONVENTION_CGNSSINGLENGONSECTION2D enabled, elements are sorted to write all boundary elements first.

CSAM-657 Fixing Bug on missing ADJUST parameter in the exported Abaqus Input deck model when ADJUST parameter was set to NO in the initial input deck

Missing ADJUST parameter (TIE Constraints) from the exported Abaqus input deck is fixed when the ADJUST parameter were set to NO in the original Abaqus input deck.

CSAM-591 Store that Prosolve has changed Featech values when initially undefined

When solving multiple solution properties, and if not specified in the Model, Prosolve will now reinitialize the default element technology when executing each Solution Property.

CSAM-651 and CSAM-652 Section points are correctly created on Abaqus odb file

A regression was found in abaqus odb writer on SAM 1.6 where section points are not created correctly. This issue has been fixed and now section points are created in the Abaqus ODB file.

CSAM-649 Fix VTKlib for unstructured grid with offsets

VTK file format containing offsets in unstructured grids is supported. Previously, VTKLib was crashing with this formatting.

New Features

CSAM-567 CMake is introduced

A built-in CEETRON SAM CMake system is introduced. The CMake system is the easiest way to compile and link with CEETRON SAM. Makefile support will eventually be deprecated.

CSAM-645 Ease the user change of third-party dependencies in the CMake for partners

All third-party dependency directory names can be modified from CMake.

CSAM-631 Support reading mechanical stresses from Nastran op2 files

Mechanical strains and effective mechanical strains can now be read at element nodes and integration points from Nastran .op2 files.

CSAM-655 Update to Ansys Data Processing Framework version 241

Support of Ansys DPF translator version 241. Thermal analysis results in .rth files are now supported.

CSAM-611 Support of Nastran Bulk data file (.bdf) files with UTF-8 encoding

UTF-8 encoding is now supported in the NASFil library.

CSAM-656 Added an API for rendering radial background

Added an API called vgl_IActorDrawRadialBackground in vgl libraries to render radial background.

CSAM-633 Improved error Handling in vis_TriMesh

The error handling and error information storage are improved in vis_TriMesh. Repeated nodes and duplicate lines are stored.

CSAM-642 Export element sets in STLFil

STLFil is exporting element sets as additional parts.

CSAM-403 Added normal [ni,nj,nk] to velocity Magnitude set on Fluent element face zones

CSAM-403: Added normal [ni,nj,nk] to velocity Magnitude set on Fluent element face zones. The vis_UProp inside the vis_IdTran for Element Faces will now contain the velocity magnitude and the normal vector.

CSAM-624 Check mesh intersections before collapsing edges in geometry chord checks

Addition of a meshing option for vis_SurfMesh to check for potential new surface intersections created while collapsing edges in geometry chord checks. This option is deactivated by default and activated through the SURFMESH_GEOMCHORDEDGE_INTERSECT flag in vis_SurfMeshSetParami.


SAM 1.8.1

Nov 27, 2023 - SHA: 7cee99ee

CSAM-648 Fix dataset asymmetric result names of modal frequency responses

The dataset asymmetric result names of modal frequency responses were computed independently from the presence of symmetric results. Both results are now linked through a consistent dataset naming. The mode index of the asymmetric results is computed based on frequency comparison with its symmetric counterpart.