1. Introduction

The Getting Started Guide walks you through the fundamentals of writing a web application with HOOPS Communicator (HC), which represents the web-development component of the HOOPS Web Platform. After completion of the Getting Started Guide you should have enough understanding of the technology to start integrating HC into your own application.

The prerequisite for the Getting Started Guide is a basic understanding of JavaScript (JS) development. No advanced CAD expertise or web development experience is required. All JS code examples are client-side only and require no server backend, aside from the last section which covers the HOOPS Server and streaming.

For a quick overview of the architecture and subcomponents of HC, please refer to the Technical Overview.

For a quick overview of all the packages installed with HOOPS Communicator, please refer to the Package Description.

Sample Code

In your installation directory for HOOPS Communicator, we have provided a library of sample code that corresponds to guides in this documentation. There is a directory named getting_started that holds all of the sample code you will encounter throughout this particular guide. You will find four other directories whose names correspond to the tutorials listed in the sidebar to the left under Tutorials. All of the code will be provided in the proper order within these guides, but having it all together in one place for review can help provide additional context and understanding.

├── tutorials
│   ├── getting_started
│   │   ├── createGeometryExample.html
│   │   ├── js
│   │   ├── minimal.html
│   │   └── test.code-workspace
│   ├── inventory_management

Let's take a closer look at the contents of the getting_started directory.

├── getting_started
│   ├── createGeometryExample.html
│   ├── minimal.html
│   ├── js
│   │   ├── chapter3.js
│   │   ├── chapter4.js
│   │   ├── chapter5.js
│   │   ├── chapter6.js
│   │   ├── chapter7.js
│   │   └── chapter8.js