Release Notes

License Key

HOOPS Publish 2024 requires a license key specifically generated for 2024. Licenses generated for previous versions of HOOPS Publish will not work. Please visit the HOOPS Publish download page to generate a new key. Once you have generated a new CustomerKey and VariableKey, you should copy them into include/hoops_license.h.

The expiration date for the generated license key is tied to your contract with Tech Soft 3D. If you have signed a license agreement for HOOPS Publish, then the license key that is generated will be a perpetual (non-expiring) license key. If you are evaluating HOOPS Publish, then the license key will expire when your evaluation expires. Evaluation license keys will expire at the end of the evaluation period and are not suitable for production software. Any software that uses an evaluation license key will no longer work after the evaluation period.

HOOPS Publish releases are not binary compatible with older releases. You must recompile your application when updating to a new version of HOOPS Publish.

Visit our Developer Support page to familiarize yourself with support procedures, including deprecated functionality.