HOOPS Publish 2016 SP1


PMI Highlight

Publish can now generate files that highlight edges in Acrobat Reader when PMI is selected. This functionality can be activated setting the parameter A3DPDF3DArtworkData2::m_bAddAdditionalGeometry to true.

Ability to Highlight 3D Entities on Table Selection

A new functionality (See A3DPDFSlideTableLinkTo3DNodes) has been added to link a table (typically a bill of materials table) with the 3D scene so that 3D node gets highlighted when a line in the table is selected. The function to use to create links between a table and 3D node is A3DPDFSlideTableLinkTo3DNodes.

Draw in 2D PDF

New functionality has been included to draw lines (A3DPDFPageDrawLine), arcs (A3DPDFPageDrawArc), Bezier curves (A3DPDFPageDrawBezierCurve), rectangles (A3DPDFPageDrawRectangle) and composite paths (A3DPDFPageDrawCompositePath) in a 2D PDF.

Replace Data in a 3D PDF File

New functionality has been included to replace data (3D and metadata) in 3D PDF files created by the Tetra 4D Enrich product; see A3DPDFDocumentUpdateData.