HOOPS Publish 2017


On top of creating PRC, U3D, and rich 3D PDF documents, HOOPS Publish can now export 3D data to the following standard 3D formats:

  • Step (including Step AP242)

  • JT (including JT 9.5)

  • IGES

  • STL

  • VRML

  • 3MF


HOOPS Publish functionality has been split into two categories: standard and advanced functionality. The advanced version provides more functionality in the area of 3D PDF creation. Our samples and documentation have been updated to distinguish between these two categories.

Data Model

Functionality has been improved and new functionality has been added to easily create rich 3D documents that dynamically update the content displayed in the page depending on what’s selected in the 3D model or in the different widgets that can be added in PDF document (e.g., buttons, listboxes, carousels, scroll tables, etc.).


Some enhancements have been made to better manage the association between PMI and geometry. This includes bug fixes and performance improvements.