HOOPS Publish 2017 SP2

Functional Changes

Linked item transformations.

If a Linked Item has a child element that is transformed in a View, the child element will now be transformed relative to its parent. Previously, child elements were transformed using World Space coordinates.


Images and Buttons in the Datamodel

Pictures and buttons can now be managed like text and be interactively changed through the data model. This means it is now possible to:

  • Change a picture, button, or icon interactively when a control or 3D node is selected

  • Include a picture scrolltable through the data model

Images and Icons on Buttons

Images and Icons can be created from files or from a buffer in memory. See the functions \ref A3DPDFImageCreateFromFile, \ref A3DPDFImageCreateFromStream, \ref A3DPDFDocumentAddImageAsIcon2, and \ref A3DPDFPageInsertImage2 .




 By default, there are no units in an STL file. Previously, HOOPS Publish assumed that the generated STL file would use the initial CAD model unit. There is now an option to force the implicit unit used. See \ref A3DRWParamsExportStlData for more details.


HOOPS Publish users can now:

  • Export tessellated Geometry into AP242. This includes tessellated solids, shells, wires, and point sets.

  • Export to Step.Z (compressed Step file)

  • Export the following file attributes: User Name, Organization Name, and Authorization Name

Package Changes

The list of DLLs to distribute on 64-bit Windows has changed. sc_utils.dll is no longer mandatory for HOOPS Publish users who want to export 3D Data into HTML or SCS.

Last but not least, check out our new PDF showcase, LayerDataModelDemo.pdf in the INSTALL_DIRsamplespublishpublishgallery directory.