HOOPS Publish 2016 SP2


  • The center of rotation associated with each camera view has been improved.

  • Animation performance has been improved.

  • Creo Notes // to Screen are now displayed inside 3D PDF files.

  • The function A3DPDFDocumentUpdateData has been improved to compute default views. Only works with data created by HOOPS Publish or Tetra4D Enrich.

New Functionalities

  • A set of new functionalities has been included in this release to easily create interactive 3D PDFs. Data tables can be created and bound with the layout (list box, text, 3D windows, sliding tables, and combo boxes). The interactions between the different fields (list box, text, etc.) can be configured. These functionalities are provided as a first version that we will continue to improve until our next major release. See our sample program “DemoFunctionalities” for more details.

  • New functionality has been added to compute PDF IDs from an existing PRC file.

  • The “DemoDataModel” sample has been added.