HOOPS Publish 2018 SP2

New Features and Enhancements

Custom Actions in Data Model. Custom actions are now available for scroll tables. In the C++ code for defining Data Model interactivity, you can now add a custom JavaScript action that will be activated whenever a user clicks on a cell.

For more information on how to implement custom actions, please see the Programming Guide.

Custom Colors in Scroll Tables. It is now possible to add background colors and border colors to tables and individual cells. Please see the Programming Guide for an example of how to do this.

Functional Changes

QT Dependency Removed. QT is no longer being used to draw the grid for scroll tables, and therefore it is no longer necessary for customers using scroll tables to install or distribute QT.

However, if you are using the deprecated slide tables or other HTML-based tables, TableToPDF and QT are still necessary.

Notification about the \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTopologyCreate function. As stated in previous release notes, creating a \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTopologyData on tessellated entities is not supported anymore. Customers should consider using the function \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTessCreate instead. Please refer to the new sample code in the CreatePRCCubes sample.

Fixed Bugs

Issue Number



Fix A3DPDF3DArtworkCreate2 issue with PMI Cross Highlight


Fix A3DPDFDocumentSetInformation issue when data fields are initialized but not set


Fix A3DPDF3DArtworkCreate2 crash with U3D input and PMI Cross Highlight


Fix regression on rendering mode used for PRC views


Enhancement of listbox (acrobat widget) to have a correct usage of slider