Detailed Description

struct A3DAsmProductOccurrenceDataProe

A structure specifying product occurrence data specific to CV5 format.



Public Members

A3DDouble m_dAccuracy
A3DUTF8Char *m_sPartName
A3DInt32 m_iProEMemberType
A3DInt32 m_iProEMemberId
A3DBool m_bXprOrXas
A3DBool m_bHasFamilyTable
A3DBool m_bHasBooleanOperation
A3DBool m_bHasFlexibleComponent
A3DMiscCartesianTransformationData *m_pDefaultExplodePosition

Default position defined in the default explode for the owner product in his fathers explode state.

A3DUns32 m_uiExplodedProductsSize

The size of m_ppExplodedProducts.

A3DAsmProductOccurrence **m_ppExplodedProducts

Definition of the redefine position of sub element (target) for the Explode state of the product owner level the explosion is define by a path to access to the target and an array of transforms to apply to each level A product of this array represents an instance repositioning, his product sons array represents the path to access to the target element, and he had an array of linked items to store all new position for path member.