Detailed Description

struct A3DCrvIntersectionData

Intersection structure.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bIs2D

A value of true specifies a 2D curve; and a value of false specifies a 3D curve.

A3DMiscCartesianTransformationData m_sTrsf

Cartesian transformation.

A3DParameterizationData m_sParam


A3DSurfBase *m_pSurface1

Surface 1.

A3DSurfBase *m_pSurface2

Surface 2.

A3DBool m_bSensSurface1

True if sense is the same as surface 1; false otherwise.

A3DBool m_bSensSurface2

True if sense is the same as surface 2; false otherwise.

A3DBool m_bSens

True if the sense of the intersection sense is surface 1 cross surface 2; false otherwise.

A3DUns32 m_uiCrossingPtsSize

Number of crossing points.

A3DCrossingPointsCrvIntersectionData *m_pCrossingPts

Array of crossing points.

A3DVector3dData m_sStartLimitPoint

Start limit point.

A3DEIntersectionLimitType m_sStartLimitType

Start limit type.

A3DVector3dData m_sEndLimitPoint

End limit point.

A3DEIntersectionLimitType m_sEndLimitType

End limit type.

A3DDouble m_dChordalError

Chordal error.

A3DDouble m_dAngularError

Angular error.

A3DBool m_bParameterizationDefinitionRespected

Parameterization definition respected.