A3DMDPosition **




A3DDouble *


A3DMDLeaderSymbol *




A3DMDLeaderDefinition *






A3DMDMarkupLeaderStub *


Detailed Description

struct A3DMDLeaderDefinitionData

Leader data structure.



Public Members

A3DUns32 m_uiNumberOfPathLeaderPositions

Number of path leader positions.

A3DMDPosition **m_ppsPathLeaderPositions

Array of path leader positions This set of markup positions indicates the points: starting with the point on geometry and finishing with the nearest attach point. See below../_images/pmi_leader_path_points.png

Dimension cases

Dimension markups use same leaders as others, but the path positions have to be interpreted array according to the dimension type. Therefore, for each type, the markup contains specific leader:../_images/pmi_leader_path_points_dimension.png

A3DUns32 m_uiNbGapsElements

Number of gap in following list.

A3DDouble *m_pdGapList

Array defining leader line interruptions between the entity pointed and the started point. For each interruption two values are stored to indicate the start and end points, and values are ration leader length/ distance to the end.

A3DMDLeaderSymbol *m_pHeadSymbol

Leader symbol, ref to A3DMDLeaderSymbolData. May be NULL.

A3DMDLeaderSymbolType m_eTailSymbol

Terminating symbol.

A3DMDLeaderDefinition *m_pNextLeader

Next leader, may be NULL. The attach point type defined on the next leader denotes if there is an additional line between both leaders. If the attach type is zero, we have to create a segment between the first point of the next leader and the last of the preceding leader. In the first case, the markup (usally a datum markup) has only one point to define the leader; this type of next leader is used to have additional points. Otherwise, the next leader appears as an extension line. ../_images/pmi_markup_leader_next_classical_case.png

The next leader can also be used when a markup is attached to radial dimension markup leader. The next points define a circle arc: the first point is the arc center, the second is the start point of the arc; the end point is the last point of the previous (owning) leader. The start point can be offset by the second value of overrun and the end point by the second value of blanking. ../_images/pmi_markup_leader_next_dimension_case.png

A3DUns32 m_uAnchorFrame

Defines to which box the leader will be attached. In most cases, the index is equal to zero when there is only one box. It can be different for the feature frame control: see next figure to understand the numbering process.../_images/pmi_leader_anchor_type.png

A3DUns32 m_uAnchorPoint

Defines the anchor point type, i.e the point of the box where the leader starts. This information is the same as for the markup attach type: the member m_eAttachType of A3DMarkupDefinitionData.

A3DMDMarkupLeaderStub *m_pStub

Leader stub, ref to A3DMDMarkupLeaderStubData. May be NULL.