Detailed Description

struct A3DMathFct3DNonLinearData

Non Linear transformation.

The following equation shows the result of a non-linear transformation, where u,v,w are the parameters, x,y,z the results, and a,b,c the temporary result:



Apply m_pLeftLinear to (u,v,w) to get (a,b,c) a = a * cos(b * m_d2); b = b * sin(b * m_d2); c unchanged Apply m_pRightLinear to (a,b,c) to get (x,y,z)

Public Members

A3DMathFct3DLinear *m_pLeftLinear

Left transformation matrix.

A3DMathFct3DLinear *m_pRightLinear

Right transformation matrix.

A3DDouble m_d2

Coefficient for the trigonometric function.