Detailed Description

struct A3DMkpViewData

View structure.

The type of children must be kA3DTypeMkpAnnotationSet and must point to existing annotation entities.



Public Members

A3DUns32 m_uiAnnotationsSize

Size of the m_ppAnnotations array.

A3DMkpAnnotationEntity **m_ppAnnotations

Contains references to annotations. In an assembly context, if the annotation belongs to a child level of the assembly it is necessary to use linked items to redefine visibility (see m_ppLinkedItems below).

A3DSurfPlane *m_pPlane

View plane.

A3DGraphSceneDisplayParameters *m_pSceneDisplayParameters

Scene display parameters.

A3DBool m_bIsAnnotationView

This view is used only to group markups.

A3DBool m_bIsDefaultView

If true, the parameters of this view are used when loading the 3D scene.

A3DUns32 m_uiLinkedItemsSize

Size of m_ppLinkedItems array.

A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItem **m_ppLinkedItems

Array of pointers to A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItem entities, each of which redefines special display parameters for the View. Elements in this array are not owned by the View — they are only referenced by the View, and the A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItemData member m_pTargetProductOccurrence indicates which Product Occurrence actually owns the linked entity.

A3DUns32 m_uiDisplayFilterSize

Size of m_ppDisplayFilters array.

A3DAsmFilter **m_ppDisplayFilters

Filters for display settings. Several filters are possible, but only one filter is active at a time.