Detailed Description

struct A3DPDF3DArtworkData2

A3DPDF3DArtworkData2 structure.



Public Members

A3DPDF3DStream *m_pStream

Specifies the 3D stream object created from the 3D data.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcJavaScriptFileName

A JavaScript file to store on the 3D Annot.

A3DBool m_bActivatePMICrossHighlight

If true, some JavaScript code is generated so that when the user clicks on a markup, the associated surface is highlighted. Only works with Acrobat 11 and later.

A3DBool m_bAddPMISemanticInformation

If true, the information on semantic PMI is added as nodes attributes on the model tree.

A3DBool m_bKeepNativeDefaultView

If true, if there’s a default view in the PRC modelfile: the default view in the resulting PDF will be that one, no matter if other default views are defined at PDF level. In other situations (no default view in the PRC modelfile; or the boolean is false): a default view is defined at the PDF level. A default view at the PDF level means a view programmatically created using A3DPDFViewCreate

, or a default view automatically created by HOOPS Publish if no default view is already defined.

This boolean is not used if the 3D stream is created with


A3DBool m_bUseRuntimeDisplaySettings

This boolean controls which display settings (rendering style, background color and lighting) are applied to the 3D annotation when a view is activated.

  • If the boolean is true, all the views have initially the default display settings, then if the end-user manually changes the settings, this change affects all the views except the ‘home’ view (the view associated to the ‘home’ icon in Adobe Reader) for which it resets to the default display settings. The default display settings are the ones assigned to the default view: A3DPDF3DAnnotData values if the default view is a native or the automatic view, and A3DPDFViewData if the default view is a Publish view.

  • If the boolean is false, activating a view resets the display settings as predefined programmatically on the view, whatever the user might manually change. The settings have A3DPDF3DAnnotData values and are all the same for native views or the automatic view; and they have A3DPDFViewData values for Publish views, which can be potentially different for each view.

Warning: all the display behaviors might be affected by a bug in Adobe Reader when the toolbar is not displayed. For a full control of display settings, it might be better to always display the toolbar. If not, unexpected rendering might be observed.

A3DPDFEAnimationStyle m_eAnimationStyle

The animation style.

A3DUns32 m_iNumberOfAnimations

Number of animations.



A3DPDFAnimation **m_ppAnimations




A3DBool m_bChangePMIColor

If the boolean is true, the color of the markups in the artwork will be set to m_adRGB; otherwise, it will remain like it already was.



A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sPMIColor

Color of the markups in the artwork if m_bChangePMIColor is set to true.



A3DPDFSectionDisplayData m_sDisplaySectionData

Settings for the cross sections display.



A3DBool m_bAddAdditionalGeometry

If true, the curves related to edges highlighted by a markup will be computed (only if m_bActivatePMICrossHighlight is set to true.



A3DBool m_bDisableJSForInitSetView

If false, a javascript code is added to 3D annotation to generate a CameraEventHandler event when a defautl view is defined. This enables CameraEventHandler code to be launched at file is opening on the default view, and consequently to add specific additional development. If true, this javascript is not added. It is useful for PDF files that have to be edited with Acrobat to modify the default view.