Detailed Description

struct A3DPDFAnimKeyFrameData

Structure to define a keyframe.



Param m_iInterpolationMask

[in] Use kA3DPDFInterpolateTransformationMatrix | kA3DPDFInterpolateAppearanceColor | kA3DPDFInterpolateAppearanceTransparency | kA3DPDFInterpolateCamera

Public Members

A3DDouble m_dTime

Time of the keyframe. Added to the time offset of the motion.

A3DPDFAnimTransformationData *m_psTransformationData

Data concerning the transformation.

A3DPDFAnimAppearanceData *m_psAppearanceData

Data concerning the appearance.

A3DPDFAnimCameraData *m_psCameraData

Data concerning the camera.

A3DInt32 m_iInterpolationMask

Bits which indicates which data must be interpolated.