Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsPmiData

Structure to specify the PMI reading parameters.

Only used if A3DRWParamsGeneralData::m_bReadPmis is set to TRUE.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bAlwaysSubstituteFont

A value of TRUE is to substitute the fonts in the CAD file with the font that is specified in m_pcSubstitutionFont.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcSubstitutionFont

The font used to replace any fonts that are not installed on the computer. If m_bAlwaysSubstituteFont is TRUE, this font replaces all the fonts in the file.

int m_iNumberOfDigitsAfterDot

Number of decimal places to use for numeric values if no decimal information is specified in the CAD file.

A3DEUnits m_eDefaultUnit

Units of measure to use if no unit information is specified in the CAD file. Note that only a short set of CAD formats do not specify the unit information and will use this member, other formats should specify kA3DUnitUnknown.

A3DUns32 m_uiProprietaryFontDirectoriesSize

The size of m_ppcProprietaryFontDirectories.

A3DUTF8Char **m_ppcProprietaryFontDirectories

Usually, fonts are retrieved from the system directory. These paths enable to specify the locations of additional fonts. For DWG it allows to define where the .shx fonts are located.

A3DGraphRgbColorData m_sDefaultColor

Color to use when PMI has no color.



A3DBool m_bAlwaysUseDefaultColor

A value of TRUE is to substitute the color of PMI in the CAD file with the default color that is specified in m_sDefaultColor.