HOOPS Native Platform is a collection of three HOOPS products specifically designed for native applications on desktop and mobile devices. These products are HOOPS Visualize, HOOPS Exchange, and HOOPS Publish. Each product is engineered to work separately or as a unified whole.

HOOPS Visualize is Tech Soft 3D’s rendering engine - it renders the 3D images on screen.

HOOPS Exchange loads models from many different industry-standard formats and imports them into HOOPS Visualize.

HOOPS Publish is able to export any HOOPS scene as a PDF with full 3D interactive scenes embedded in the PDF itself. It requires no plug-ins or extra software to work.

The APIs are supplied as libraries which your application links to at compile time. HOOPS Visualize has both a C++ and C# API. HOOPS Exchange and Publish are provided as C APIs. However, when working with HNP, you’ll be mainly working within the HOOPS Visualize API. The Visualize API has a higher-level interface which wraps most HOOPS Exchange and Publish operations. Therefore, you are able to work in your choice of C++ or C#. However, should you need to employ the low-level functionality of HOOPS Exchange or Publish, you are free to do so.

The documentation for each product is found at the corresponding locations:

The HOOPS Native Platform package can be downloaded at http://manage.techsoft3d.com/?product=hnp.

Please note that all native HOOPS Visualize classes use the HPS namespace. Visualize classes which wrap HOOPS Exchange functionality use the HPS::Exchange namespace, and HOOPS Publish functions are wrapped in the HPS::Publish namespace. API reference documentation can be found at https://docs.techsoft3d.com/hps/latest/build/api_ref/cpp/classes.html.

Native API functions, enums, data structures for HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish all begin with A3D, for example, A3DProductOccurrenceGet.


The HOOPS Native Platform documentation includes three tutorials to help get you acquainted with the HOOPS ecosystem and to demonstrate functionality common to many 3D applications. If you are new to HOOPS, we recommend starting with the Simplest Application </tutorials/simple_app/introduction> tutorial. Each individual product documentation also includes code samples, a Programming Guide, and an API Reference. Lastly, Tech Soft 3D support is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the products.

Searching the documentation

HOOPS Visualize, Exchange, and Publish all have a search bar built in to their documentation. Tech Soft 3D tries to keep all versions of our software libraries on a similar release schedule. However, this is not always possible, and as a result, the latest versions of HNP subcomponents may not necessarily be included with the version of HNP you are using. Our online documentation is indexed based on the lastest product version. As a result, when performing a documentation search, you will get search results based on the latest version of that subcomponent, which may differ slightly from the version you’re using.

Package contents

  • HOOPSNativePlatform
    • bin
    • lib
    • samples
      • cc_exchange
      • cc_exchange_lib
      • code
      • data
      • hnp_basic_app
      • mfc_sandbox
      • qt_sandbox
      • wpf_sandbox

Setting your license

HOOPS Native Platform evaluators will be provided a license key that you will enter into the installer. Partners will be provided a license key header file which will be integrated into your application at compile-time.