Detailed Description

struct A3DMiscReferenceOnTessData

Structure that identifies the referenced tessellation entity and that specifies globally-defined attributes.

m_puiAdditionalIndexes contains index on different tessellation elements (see Reference on Topology/Tessellation for explanation)



Please notice that features/markups may refer to several linkedItems containing one A3DMiscReferenceOnTess each

Public Members

A3DEEntityType m_eTopoItemType

kA3DTypeTessFace, kA3DTypeTessEdge, kA3DTypeTessVertex.

A3DRiPolyBrepModel *m_pPolyBrepModel

PolyBrepModel. Filled by A3DMiscReferenceOnTessGet. Can be NULL only if the A3DMiscReferenceOnTessGet fails.

A3DUns32 m_uiSize

The size of m_puiAdditionalIndexes.

A3DUns32 *m_puiAdditionalIndexes

Indices to retrieve the tessellated entity.

A3DAsmProductOccurrence *m_pTargetProductOccurrence

This member references the product occurrence that contains the m_pPolyBrepModel.