Detailed Description

struct A3DPDFTextDataEx

A3DPDFTextDataEx structure.

Structure to specify a text line with extended fonts and languages. The font needs to be available in C:\Windows\Fonts directory on the machine where HOOPS Publish is run, or in the folder specified to A3DPDFInitializePDFLibAndResourceDirectory. Depending on the characters used in the string, the font must be chosen, as well as the according language. The value kA3DPDFLangAutoDetect should be used for m_eLanguage to avoid to specify language and encoding.




Starting with version 2020 SP2, m_eLanguage only accepts kA3DPDFLangAutoDetect.

Public Members

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcTextString

Content of the text string. It should be a single line text string (no carriage return supported).

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcFontName

Font name of the text.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcEncodingName

Set null to keep default treatment. Supported encoding are “WinAnsiEncoding”, “StandardEncoding”, “MacRomanEncoding”, “MacExpertEncoding”, or “PDFDocEncoding” (see PDF specifications for more details). If NULL, the encoding is tentatively retrieved from m_eLanguage.

A3DPDFELanguage m_eLanguage

Language used for the text string. Must be kA3DPDFLangAutoDetect.

A3DInt32 m_iFontSize

Size of the font.

A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sColor

Color of the text.

A3DBool m_bEmbedFontInPDF

If true, the font will be subsetted in the PDF document to only support the characters used in the page, no need to have the font on the computer for the one who will open the document. For the best behaviour, m_bEmbedFontInPDF should always be set to true.