Detailed Description

struct A3DPDFTextFieldData

Structure to define a text field.



Public Members

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcName

Name of the field (it serves as the field identifier, it should be unique in the document).

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcTooltip

Displayed text that the hesitant user may find helpful in filling in the form field. Tooltips appear when the pointer hovers briefly over the form field.

A3DPDFEFormField m_eFormField

Specifies whether the form field can be seen, either on screen or in print.

A3DPDFETextOrientation m_eTextOrientation

Orientation of the text inside the field.

A3DBool m_bIsReadOnly

Defines if the field is editable.

A3DBool m_bIsRequired

Defines if the field is required.

A3DBool m_bIsLocked

If locked, prevents any further changes to any form field properties (in Acrobat ‘Properties’ dialog box).

A3DBool m_bHasBorder

If true, there is a border around the field.

A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sBorderColor

Color of the border of the field (if any).

A3DPDFEThicknessBorder m_eThicknessBorder

Thickness of the border.

A3DPDFELineStyleBorder m_eLineStyleBorder

Line style of the border.

A3DBool m_bHasFillColor

If true, the following field (m_sFillColor) is used.

A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sFillColor

Color which the inside of the field will be filled with (if m_bHasFillColor is true).

A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sTextColor

Color of the text.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcFontName

                                                Font name of the text.
It should be the name of the font as appearing in Acrobat font list, with style separated with a comma. For example, ‘Calibri Bold Italic’ should be specified as “Calibri,BoldItalic”. For rich texts (if m_bAllowRichText is true), it is particularly important to specify the font name as defined in system folder, including spaces. For example, SegoeUI font should really be specifuy for rich texts as ‘Segoe UI’. Also, specific values exist for Adobe default fonts: eTimesRoman is “TiRo” ; eTimesItalic is “TiIt” ; eTimesBold is “TiBo” ; eTimesBoldItalic is “TiBI” ; eHelvetica is “Helv” ; eHelveticaOblique is “HeOb” ; eHelveticaBold is “HeBo” ; eHelveticaBoldOblique is “HeBO” ; eCourier is “Cour” ; eCourierOblique is “CoOb” ; eCourierBold is “CoBo” ; eCourierBoldOblique is “CoBO”.

A3DInt32 m_iFontSize

Size of the font.

A3DPDFETextAlignment m_eTextAlignment

Alignment of the text inside the text field.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcDefaultValue

Default text field content. This is the text value to be used, but also the default value to which the field reverts when a reset-form action is executed. The default value can be in xml format for rich text.

A3DBool m_bCheckSpelling

Defines if the text entered in the field must be spell-checked.

A3DBool m_bIsMultiLine

Defines if the text field is multi line.

A3DBool m_bDoNotScroll

Defines if the text field is scrollable or not.

A3DBool m_bAllowRichText

If set, the value of this field shall be a rich text string.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcRichTextValue

If m_bAllowRichText is true, this value defines the field content in xml format following rich text conventions specified for the XML Forms Architecture (XFA) specification.