Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsLoadData

A set of options for loading a new model file with A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromFile.

The structure is a composition of other options structures. Most options in m_sGeneral are flags that toggle on or off the reading of specific entities from the input model file. It may be geometric data (surfaces, solids) or non geometric data (PMIs, attributes). By default, they are all disabled (A3D_FALSE).

If m_sGeneral.m_bReadPmis is A3D_TRUE, m_sPmi is used by the reader. This field is not read otherwise.

Some options are only relevant when reading a specific format. m_sSpecifics can be used to set them. Each field of this structure is tied to a specific format (such as A3DRWParamsJTData) and will only be read upon reading an input of the corresponding type.

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Public Members

A3DRWParamsGeneralData m_sGeneral

The general reading parameters.

A3DRWParamsPmiData m_sPmi

The parameters for PMI reading. Used when m_sGeneral.m_bReadPmis is A3D_TRUE.

A3DRWParamsTessellationData m_sTessellation

The tessellation reading parameters.

A3DRWParamsAssemblyData m_sAssembly

The reading parameters used to load Assembly files.

A3DRWParamsMultiEntriesData m_sMultiEntries

The parameters used when reading multiple models.

A3DRWParamsSpecificLoadData m_sSpecifics

The paremeters specific to each CAD format.

A3DRWParamsIncrementalLoadData m_sIncremental

The reading parameters used to load specific parts of an assembly.