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Detailed Description

group a3d_publishhtml_module

Macro Definition


Output format flag when exporting for web.


12.0 Annotation 3D are exported into html files.


These flags are used to toggle on and off elements when exporting to HTML.


12.0 The 3D Tool bar is displayed for each Annotation 3D.

Type Documentation

enum A3DWebOutPdfFormat

Output format enumeration for the pdf structure when exporting for web.




enumerator kA3DWebOutPdfFormatXml

The structure of the PDF is exported as an XML file.

enumerator kA3DWebOutPdfFormatJson

The structure of the PDF is exported as a JSON file.

enum A3DWebEHtmlOutputMode

output mode for html export




enumerator kA3DWebOnline

Export creates one xml file and 0 to N html files depending on the number of 3D streams inside the pdf file. This is the best parameter if you host a server for reading the files. This is the default value.

enumerator kA3DWebOfflineWithDependencies

Export creates one root html file per file exported. JavaScript files and CSS files given with the sample are still needed but HTTP server is not required. This is the best parameter if you want to give a lot of files to someone else.

enumerator kA3DWebOfflineSingleFile

Export creates only one html file embedding JavaScript and CSS files. HTTP server is not required. This is the best parameter if you want to give an export to someone else or on mobile devices with poor network connection.

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DConvertPDFToWebFormat(const A3DUTF8Char *pcFileName, const A3DRWParamsExportHtmlData *pParamsExportData, const A3DUTF8Char *pcOutRootDirectory, const A3DUTF8Char *pcOutputName)

Function that export a pdf into a web format.



  • pcFileName[in] The pdf path and name to export

  • pParamsExportData[in] Export parameters used by each 3D annotation conversion

  • pcOutRootDirectory[in] the root directory to save all created files

  • pcOutputName[in] the output file name without extension. It will be an XML root file describing the PDF document in case of an online export. It will be an HTML file in case of an offline export. See A3DWebEHtmlOutputMode.

Return values



A3D_SUCCESS in case of success or an error code