Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsExportHtmlData

A structure that specifies parameters used to write a model file to HTML format.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bIncludeMeasurementInformation

A value of A3D_TRUE includes the measurement information in the SCS representation.

A3DUTF8Char const *m_pcHtmlTemplateName

(see Export SCS Module).

File name for input HTML file to be used as template.

A3DUTF8Char const *m_pcAdditionalFontDirectory

Path to a directory where additional fonts can be found.

A3DUTF8Char const *m_pcSubstitutionFont

The font used to replace any fonts that are not installed on the computer.

A3DWebEHtmlOutputMode m_eHtmlOutputMode

Manages the number of files exported. This value is only used if the export is called with kA3DWebOutFormatHtml.

A3DWebOutPdfFormat m_ePdfOutputFormat

enumeration value to define the ouput of the PDF structure (see A3DWebOutPdfFormat). Default is kA3DWebOutPdfFormatXml.

A3DUns8 m_i3dOutputFormat

flag that describe in which format the export has to be done (see HTML Module module). Default is kA3DWebOutFormatHtml.

A3DRWHtmlOfflineData const *m_pHtmlOfflineData

When exporting a PDF file using a A3DWebEHtmlOutputMode offline variants, this field must be set to a valid reference to an A3DRWHtmlOfflineData instance.

A3DUTF8Char const *m_pcOutputDocumentTitle

Name of the HTML document inside a web browser.

A3DUns16 m_uiOutputDocumentMetaTagsCount

The size of m_pOutputDocumentMetaTags.

A3DRwHtmlMetaTag const *m_pOutputDocumentMetaTags

Array of A3DRwHtmlMetaTag to be injected into the output HTML document.