Export monolithic HTML Module

Detailed Description

group a3d_publishhtml_monolithic_module

(HOOPS Publish Advanced) Structure and function to write a ModelFile as a monolithic HTML file.

This file embeds all javascript and css definitions useful to render the 3D. The 3D definition (as a SCS cache file) is also embedded in the HTML file (see Export SCS Module).

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DAsmModelFileExportToHTMLFile(A3DAsmModelFile *pA3DAsmModelFile, const A3DRWParamsExportHtmlData *pParamsExportData, const A3DUTF8Char *pcHtmlFileName)

Writes a model file to a physical file in HTML format.

This function writes the A3DAsmModelFile entity to an HTML file.



  • pA3DAsmModelFile[in] References The A3DAsmModelFile to be exported

  • pParamsExportData[in] References the parameters for export.

  • pcHtmlFileName[in] References the path of the file into which the function stores the model file.

Return values

  • A3D_WRITE_CANNOT_LOAD_WRITER – if libprc2sc dll cannot be loaded

  • A3D_WRITE_HTMLCONVERSION_FAILED – if conversion execution failed

  • A3D_NOT_AVAILABLE – if called on unsupported platform



A3D_SUCCESS in case of success or an error code