Detailed Description

struct A3DRWHtmlOfflineData

Describes an HTML export in offiline mode.

When exporting a PDF file targeted for offline mode, you must describe the output with an instance of A3DRWHtmlOfflineData. This structure must be referenced in A3DRWParamsExportHtmlData.



Public Members

A3DUns32 m_uiOptionFlags

A flag set used to toggle the display of specific elements in the output. Can be one of kA3DWebOfflineShow3DToolbar, kA3DWebOfflineShow3DModelView, kA3DWebOfflineShowViewNavigation, kA3DWebOfflineDefaultOptions (default).

A3DUTF8Char const *m_pcPathToHtmlViewerFile

Path to html viewer file. Example: viewer.html in the sample directory.