1. Base Library

The base library contains modules of general utility which are used by all other CEETRON SAM libraries. These modules address, among other things, error handling, compact boolean values and the storage of collections of objects. Currently available modules include the following.

  • Error Handling, Memory System

    Error - Error handling
    Memory - Memory system
    Print - Standard output
    VQuad - Quadruple precision
  • Priority queues

    Heap - Heap
    PQueue - Priority queue
  • Object Collections

    Dictionary - Objects stored by character string key
    HashTable - Objects stored by arbitrary integer key
    List - Objects stored by sequential integer key
    Stack - Objects stored on a conventional stack
  • Numeric Type Collections

    BitVec - Extensible vector of bits
    DblVec - Extensible vector of doubles
    FltVec - Extensible vector of floats
    IntDict - Dictionary of ints
    IntHash - Hashtable of ints
    IntQue - Queue of ints
    IntVec - Extensible vector of ints
  • Utilities

    Concat - Concatenated storage
    DataTable - Interpolate data
    LinkList - Linked list storage
    PropSet - Extensible set of named properties of different types
    Random - Random numbers
  • Geometry Tools

    ADTree - Geometric Searching, Alternating Digital Tree
    LineCon - Line Connectivity
    TriCon - Triangle Connectivity
    VertLoc - Point Colocation
    Pred - Geometric predicates
  • System

    MachInfo - Machine Information
    PTask - Threading
    Timer - Timers
    VSocket - Interprocess communication
  • Text Processing

    TextFun - Text Functions
    TextTee - Text Tee
    PlainText - Plain Text Format
    HTMLText - HTML Text Format
    LaTeXText - LaTeX Text Format

The naming conventions for base library modules use the prefixes vut_ and vsy_.