Defining Root-Level Attributes for a PRC Entity

The Exchange API lets you create a set of attributes named root-level attributes that can be applied to any PRC entity. These attributes are packaged as an A3DRootBase entity that is referenced from the PRC entity they describe.

  • **A3DRootBaseData**. This structure has a name and can have pointers to multiple A3DMiscAttribute entities.

  • **A3DMiscSingleAttributeData**. This structure is used for modeler data, such as string or time. It has a title, a type designation, and data. The name in the parent A3DMiscAttributeData must match the title in the A3DMiscSingleAttributeData. This structure is terminal.


See the Exchange API Reference for limitations on including modeler data in the root-level attributes for a PRC entity.

Here is a diagram that shows the structure of the A3DRootBase entity that can be associated with any PRC entity. The A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structures are used only for modeler attributes. The sample code that comes after the following task descriptions exemplifies this structure.


Define Miscellaneous Attributes That Omit Modeler Data

  • Determine the string to use at the top level of the attributes and (optionally) the strings to use at subordinate levels.

  • Declare an array to accommodate pointers to the A3DMiscAttribute entities that you will create in a subsequent step.

  • For each subordinate-level string, declare and initialize an A3DMiscAttributeData structure. Set the m_pcTitle member to the subordinate-level string. Leave the m_uiSize and m_pSingleAttributesData members set to 0 because this structure omits modeler data.

    • Package each A3DMiscAttributeData structure as an A3DMiscAttribute entity by invoking the A3DMiscAttributeCreate function. Save the entity pointer in the array created in Step 2.

    • Declare and initialize an A3DRootBaseData structure. Set its m_pcName member to the top-level string. Set the m_ppAttributes member to reference the array that contains pointers to the A3DMiscAttribute entities.

    • Invoke the A3DRootBaseSet function to package the A3DRootBaseData structure as an A3DRootBase entity associated with a PRC entity. The first argument in this call is a pointer to the entity, and the second is a pointer to the A3DRootBaseData structure.

Define Miscellaneous Attributes That Include Modeler Data

  • Determine the strings to use for modeler data and the type represented by each string. Here are the possible types and the enumerations that identify them:

    • kA3DModellerAttributeTypeInt integer (32 bits)

    • kA3DModellerAttributeTypeReal floating point

    • kA3DModellerAttributeTypeTime integer (32 bits), which uses the same conventions as the time_t C data type.

    • kA3DModellerAttributeTypeString UTF-8 character string

  • Determine the titles to use for each piece of modeler data.

  • Declare an array to accommodate pointers to the A3DMiscAttributeData entities that you will create in a subsequent step.

  • For each modeler attribute associated with the root base entity, do the following:

    • Declare and initialize an A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structure. Set the m_eType member to the type of the data, set the m_pcData member to a string that represents the data, and set the m_pcTitle member to a title that identifies the data.

    • Declare and initialize an A3DMiscAttributeData structure. Set the m_pcTitle member to the same title used in the A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structure. Set the m_uiSize member to 1, and the m_pSingleAtttributesData member to reference the A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structure.

NOTE: Each A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structure that references another A3DMiscSingleAttributeData structure must reference only one such structure and must have the same title as that structure.

The following sample code creates base root attributes that describe three sets of modeler data. For information about the relationships between the structures and entities that represent this data, see the diagram provided in Defining Root-Level Attributes for a PRC Entity.

A3DVoid setAttributes(A3DEntity* p)
        A3DMiscSingleAttributeData Single;

        Single.m_eType = kA3DModellerAttributeTypeString;
        Single.m_pcTitle = "Title";
        Single.m_pcData = "Simple B-rep building demonstration";

        A3DMiscAttributeData sAttribs;

        sAttribs.m_pcTitle = Single.m_pcTitle;
        sAttribs.m_pSingleAttributesData = &Single;
        sAttribs.m_uiSize = 1;
        A3DInt32 iRet = A3DMiscAttributeCreate(&sAttribs, &pAttr[0]);

        Single.m_pcTitle = "Author";
        Single.m_pcData = "HOOPS Exchange";
        sAttribs.m_pcTitle = Single.m_pcTitle;
        iRet = A3DMiscAttributeCreate(&sAttribs, &pAttr[1]);

        Single.m_pcTitle = "Company";
        Single.m_pcData = "Tech Soft 3D";
        sAttribs.m_pcTitle = Single.m_pcTitle;
        iRet = A3DMiscAttributeCreate(&sAttribs, &pAttr[2]);

        A3DRootBaseData sRootData;

        sRootData.m_pcName = "Trimmed surface";
        sRootData.m_ppAttributes = pAttr;
        sRootData.m_uiSize = 3;
        iRet = A3DRootBaseSet(p, &sRootData);

        for(A3DUns32 i = 0; i < sRootData.m_uiSize; ++i)