Technical Overview

HOOPS Exchange is an SDK for development of 3D engineering applications that need to access and re-use 3D data that have been created by CAD and BIM design applications.

Through a single interface, HOOPS Exchange enables the loading of 3D data from more than 30 native and standard formats, such as:

  • MCAD space: CATIA, NX, Creo®, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Solid Edge®, JT, STEP, glTF, OBJ, 3MF, IGES

  • AEC/BIM space: Revit, Navisworks, IFC, and DWG

HOOPS Exchange can be integrated into many different types of applications, such as CAD, CAE/Analysis, CAM, Manufacturing as a Service, CMM, PLM/Viewing, digital factory, architecture, and civil applications and many more where 3D data need to be imported for different purposes and workflows such as visualization, design, analysis, document management and collaboration, design review, quotation, 3D printing, manufaturing, and AR/VR.

HOOPS Exchange has a data-structure that can handle any types of data that are existing in these different formats such as Assembly and parts structure, exact geometry and boundary representation (BREP), visualization (tessellation), Configurations, levels and views, meta-data, Product manufacturing information (PMI), markups, design features and more.

HE is a highly customizable API available on different platforms, meant to be integrated into your application whether it’s using a modeling kernel or not.

If your application is using a modeling kernel, HOOPS Exchange provides advanced geometric functions that will adapt the geometry to your requirements.