HOOPS Exchange - v5.10

Format Updates

A number of file formats were updated to support more current software versions. These format updates include:


Updated Version

Autodesk Inventor


Creo Parametric


Interface Changes

Editing Functions

Two new functions have been added to enable editing of Product Occurrences and Part Definitions. Please refer to the Programmers Guide for more information on A3DAsmProductOccurrenceEdit() and A3DAsmPartDefinitionEdit:func:.


IGES - Sewing Option

A new structure, A3DRWParamsIGESData, has been added to the A3DRWParamsSpecificLoadData structure to control how IGES files are read. This new structure contains a data member, m_bSewBrepModels, that controls whether Exchange will try to sew IGES surface models into a solid model. Please see the Reference Guide for more information on the A3DRWParamsIGESData data structure.

JT Reader

A number of internal improvements have been made to the JT reader. The results of these improvements are general improvements to the stability of the JT reader.