HOOPS Exchange 2024.4.0

Technology Update

Format Updates


Updated Version





See File Formats for the list of all supported formats.


In feature reading-mode, for SolidWorks files, the Bend Allowance and the Bend Deduction are now made available by HOOPS Exchange in the feature tree. The K-Factor is now only retrieved when it had been explicitly selected in the SolidWorks GUI.

Platform Changes

Internal Improvements

In this release, we have upgraded our internal codebase to compile HOOPS Exchange against C++17 instead of C++14. This update, while not directly impacting current functionality or usage of the API, lays the groundwork for future enhancements. The transition to C++17 opens up possibilities for leveraging modern features that enhance performance and memory safety. This change underscores our commitment to adopting up-to-date development practices and continuously improving our technology stack.

Documentation Changes

In this release, we have begun enhancing our documentation on file format support. We started with a few pages, detailing initial reader capabilities for specific formats. Future releases will expand on this, aiming for comprehensive coverage. We are also improving navigation and usability for easier access to format support details.

The biggest changes in this release focus on presentation. Updated pages now include general support summaries and format-specific API examples. Readers and writers, where applicable, are combined into single, format-specific pages.

The following pages have been updated:

Fixed Bugs

The list of fixed bugs can be found on the Fixed Bugs List page.